Candidates for the 2022 mayoral election in Taiwan will be selected after the New Year

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According to Taiwan media on February 5, Taiwan’s nine-in-one election at the end of the year, the nomination operation will be launched after the Lunar New Year, facing the “six capital” fierce battle, whether Taipei city is as predicted by all circles, the formation of the “three-legged governor” situation?How should New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi, Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan, Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che and Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai fight for re-election?Who will succeed Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wenchan?Attention is focused on the layout of political parties.In the 2022 Taipei mayoral race, the top three contenders include Kuomintang legislator Chiang Wan ‘an, Taipei Deputy Mayor Huang Shanshan, and former Transport Minister Lin Chia-long and former Taiwan deputy leader Chen Chien-jen.According to the polls, it seems that will be “three-legged” situation, and Taiwan senior media huang Weihan before the Lunar New Year has also analyzed that, although Jiang Wan an poll lead, but if Huang Shanshan can take 15%, Jiang Wan an will be dangerous, and green camp also has 35% jump, so Jiang Wan an is not stable win.Hou Youyi, the mayor of Xinbei City, has always won the polls and enjoys high popularity. For the election, whether it is 2022 or 2024, Hou has stressed that he will do a good job and live up to the expectations of the people.New North can be said to be a super war zone, relatively difficult for the DPP, the candidate has not yet come to power.Who will succeed Taoyuan Mayor Chung Wen-chan and how the DPP will defend the situation are being tested.The KMT taoyuan City chairman Qiu Yisheng will not run for office intention gradually clear, the outside world is optimistic about the current “legislator” Lu Ming-che or Wan Mei-ling, and previously reported former “legislator” Chen Xue-sheng, Sun Daqian, Wu Chih-yang intends to run, Chen said that the Lunar New Year will announce the election;Sun said “obligatory”;Wu said there was no such thing.In the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party, former “legislators” Huang Shih-chul, Cheng Bao-ching, and peng Shao-jin, former vice chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, have all declared their candidacy, and “legislator” Zheng Yun-peng is also often named.Moreover, according to a recent survey commissioned by Shanshui Polling last year, Mr Cheng, a long-time local resident, is leading any KMT challenger.What tests will the KMT taichung mayor Lu Xiuyan face on her way to re-election?Lin Ching-yi of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the legislative council by-election for the second central constituency. Lin Jia-long, the former mayor of Taichung, won by the auxiliary election, and the green camp grassroots persuaded him to return to run for mayor of Taichung. Lin Jia-long said, “I don’t have the intention to succeed, but THERE must be me”, which is considered to be not high possibility of running.The current “legislators” CAI Qichang and He Xinchun are also seen as green camp candidates. After the by-election results came out, CAI Qichang spoke positively for the first time, saying that “if the Party recruits me, I will not hesitate”;He xinchun said, “If there is a need for me, no matter who is nominated, we will do our best.According to the results of the January 26 Index poll in Taiwan, Lu Xiuyan on Lin Jialong, CAI Qichang, he Xinchun, support are leading.Tainan mayor wei-jhe huang for re-election, and for the kuomintang, tainan city has always been difficult district, for the next mayor candidate there seems still no action, but high ZhongChangWei fsa, city councillor Xie Longjie and no partitions “legislators” to the letter, Chen has not ruled out to war, often run by a letter in which Chen tainan, is preparing for, he said that does not take the initiative to run,But if no suitable candidate is willing to run, “AS long as the party needs me, I will be brave to undertake”;Gosper also said that if the party asked him to vote, he would not have a second word and had no right to say no.In Kaohsiung, how the KMT will fight against Chen Chi-mai, the incumbent mayor who is seeking re-election, is a big problem.Among them, Blue camp fierce, Taipei city councilman Law Chih-keung is highly vocal, has a certain influence on the Internet “air war”, Taipei city councilwoman You Shu-hui has described Law chih-keung can “make warm men cold”;Independent legislator Kao Jin Sumei is also seen as a front-runner for kaohsiung mayor.Neither has been consulted and has taken no position.