The second day of the year!CCTV focuses on Dongguan Street in Yangzhou

2022-05-14 0 By

In the Spring Festival, Yangzhou launched a series of cultural travel activities benefiting the people.On the second day of the first lunar month (February 2), a wonderful yangzhou traditional skills performance was held in Dongguan Street. The live activity was not only popular with citizens and tourists, but also attracted the focus of CCTV live broadcast.Folk performances such as fisherman playing mussel and noisy flower boat attracted a large number of citizens and tourists to stop and take photos.Many viewers said that such folk elements have always remained in childhood memories, and today’s live witness makes people feel nostalgic and regain the traditional “New Year flavor”.Visitors from other places said that Yangzhou is a city with cultural deposits and a strong festival atmosphere, and everyone is very happy.In addition to folk performances, dongguan Street also set up “Full of Flavor of The New Year”, “ancient style and ancient charm”, “exquisite craftsmanship” and other intangible cultural heritage exhibition sections, showing the citizens and tourists traditional New Year paintings, Yangzhou paper cutting, Yangzhou embroidery, gold and silver craftsmanship and other traditional skills.Cao Guopei, inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage, said that the introduction of intangible cultural heritage and traditional culture into Dongguan Street will help more citizens understand the inheritance of each project and add a festive atmosphere.Activities with folk characteristics attracted CCTV to focus.Today (February 2) afternoon, CCTV “news studio” column of Yangzhou Dongguan Street folk activities live broadcast.It is understood that from the first to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the series of cultural and tourism season activities will continue to be staged in Yangzhou Dongguan Street, Geyuan, Heyuan and other scenic spots, so that citizens, tourists and foreign friends staying in Yangzhou to fully appreciate the folk culture of Yangzhou, feel the characteristics of yangzhou city.Dongguan street Party working committee member, propaganda member Liu Hao introduced, during the Spring Festival, Dongguan street to skin city street and other related roads to beautify and light, so that the general public and tourists feel the atmosphere of the Spring Festival.