What are the Mac file search tools recommended

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What are the Mac file search tools recommended?Find Any File for MAC is a local File search tool for Macos.Unlike other search software, FAF does not use a database. Instead, it uses a file system driver for quick search operations. It allows you to search and find any file on your local disk, including the name of the local disk, the date it was created or modified, the size or type, and the creator code.Find Any File for MAC Features Find Any File for MAC Features Find Any File for MAC Features Find Any File for MAC Features Find Any File for MAC Features Find Any File for MAC features Find Any File for MACYou can switch to it using CMD +2, or click the small icon on the right at the top of the results window.Note that the search above shows hundreds of clicks.If you’re looking at so many results in a flat list, it’s hard to navigate.With this new hierarchical view, however, you can look for results directly in the folders you’re interested in.Image Preview The Image Preview browser is also useful if you are looking for images Find everything on your disk If you hold down the Option key (Alt) in the Find window, the Find button changes to Find All.If you click it then the system will ask you to enter the administrator password – then looking for any files will reboot in root mode and be able to find any files on the Mac volume, including files in the home directory of other users (Spotlight content) won’t do that.Note that this only applies to local disks, not network installations.You can save the entered searches to a file (their extension is “.faf “).You can then double-click on them in the Finder and have them start searching immediately, or use the saved search as a default.Find recent Changes Only search in the Music folder for files that are neither AAC nor MP3 format and have a file size of at least megabytes, you can enter two name standards, as shown below, and the minimum size.Also note that the search was limited to “music” folder this article references: www.macw.com/mac/550.html?id=MzAyODYyJl8mMjcuMTg2LjEyNS4xNzI%3D