What color is Jinan in your mind?Come and see the color of Jinan!

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Jinan is never short of beauty, and all you can see on the road are pictures. In ancient times, some people wrote poems and paintings for her, and in modern times, some people wrote literary works for her. An old city, mountains and waters, a new city, full of vitality!About the color of the city, what color is Jinan in your impression?Some people say that Jinan is green!The park green can be seen everywhere, the park at this time, as if a set of oil painting general, appears to have more charm, clear spring water, reflecting the green spring bottom, in the sun, like a shining emerald.Photography | | wang qin photography wang qin, some say, jinan is blue!Speaking of blue, will first think of jinan spring standard, spring standard take seal “spring” the verve of the word, three blue, like the shape of the spring rose, and Jinan solidified “spring” and gushing spring from the “city” in the majestic, reflecting the elegant style of the spring city.Daming Lake lake in the light of the sun and spring logo color similar to the blue, the lake sparkling, just like a sapphire inlaid in the city.Photography | Shao Kai daming lake | photography: a small bucket of porridge porridge, some say, jinan is red!Daming Lake and Baotu Spring red ancient buildings, red walls and black tiles, cornices and corner are all new appearance, elegant shape, simple and elegant.Baotu spring – | photography: | chop YunJian Wang Guangfu photography, some say, jinan is gold!Golden ginkgo falls on the ground, just like covered with golden carpet.Photography | Li Feng, some say, jinan is white!After a snow in jinan in winter, it becomes the Jinan Government. The jungle and vegetation are covered with beautiful “ice flowers”, and the mountains in the distance are also dressed up like a landscape painting, which is very beautiful.Photography is by Fan Guoqiang. Photography is by Shao Kai