Product Han opera, celebrate yuanxiao, in the Han Tai Qing experience “Chu Wind han rhyme” non-stop music

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China Taiwan network February 16 news “body carrying huagu, hand persistent gong, husband and wife two scales from mound……”On the afternoon of February 15, the classic Han opera Beat Flower Drum was performed in Qiyuan Of Ziyang Park in Wuhan city.More than 20 Taiwanese gathered for the Lantern Festival in The Han New Year, happy reunion, experience the characteristics of Jingchu culture, feel the lively festive atmosphere.Wuchang District Ziyang Park Ziyang Pavilion, located in Wuhan’s first Han Opera museum, collection by “Han opera, Han embroidery cultural relics collection” Mr. Liu Li provided more than 3200 pieces (sets) collection.Han Opera is an important opera in the Hundred Gardens of Chinese opera and was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural Heritage list by The State Council in 2006.In the afternoon, taiqing first visited the Museum of Han Opera, after understanding the origin, development and representative works of Han opera, drawing opera masks together on the third floor of Ziyang Pavilion.Later, under the leadership of Mr. Hu Sheng, 75 years old “golden narrator”, they visited The Exhibition Hall of Zhang Zhidong’s Deeds in Wuchang and wuhan Desen Land Deed Museum, and felt the profound history and cultural heritage of wuhan more deeply.In the following Lantern Festival, taiqing people participated in a series of activities, including guessing lantern riddles, lion dancing, colorful dragon boat, tea tasting, douyin selfie, making dumplings, etc. The scene was very lively.Taisheng Lin Zhen qi has participated in many Taiwan green activities.He said the Lantern Festival has the same customs and traditions on both sides of the strait.This activity made him feel at home and very friendly.Lin Shixian, from Wuhan University of Technology, is a junior majoring in materials science.He said it was his first time to celebrate the Spring Festival in Wuhan. Although his relatives were not with him, it was warm and not lonely to celebrate the Spring Festival with friends.After graduation, he plans to work in Wuhan and is very optimistic about the future development of Wuhan.Huang Weihong, an ice hockey coach from Taiwan, says Wuhan is his’ precious place ‘, which started his entrepreneurial success and is now his second home.This event is directed by Taiwan Affairs Office of Wuhan People’s Government, hosted by Wuhan Taiwan-funded Enterprises Association, Taiwan Affairs Office of Wuchang District People’s Government, undertaken by Wuhan Taiwan Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Service Center, Wuhan Wuchang Ziyang Park Management Office, Wuhan Changyan Culture Development Co., LTD.Wuhan Desen Land Deed Museum, Wuhan Ziyang Han Opera Museum, Zhang Zhidong In Wuchang Deeds Exhibition Hall, Wuhan Wuchang District Taiwan Compatriots Taiwan Association co-organized.Abundant activity Settings and lively atmosphere make the activity scene full of laughter.Taiwan qing festival, reunion, a smiling face, a greeting, a section of blessing, through the distance, warm people.(Jointly reported by China Taiwan Network and Wuhan Taiwan Affairs Office)