Qingdao power to help Beijing Winter Olympic Games Helle biological remote blood delivery to improve the speed of clinical blood use

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The 24 th Winter Olympic Games are just around the corner, and the spectators feast their eyes on the wonderful ice and snow competitions.But many events are both dangerous and exciting as well as entertaining.To deal with all kinds of emergencies, professional medical and health care is essential.As an important part of medical and health security, the importance of blood supply system is self-evident.It is reported, to protect the blood supply in a timely manner, Qingdao haier biological and blood center of Beijing high-tech enterprises into events create unattended blood protection programs, will be moved forward to ensure the hospital, “blood stations” rapid response, real-time blood, and the operation process to monitor and record all the way, for more efficient and safe use, avoid the waste.The reporter saw the intelligent unattended blood refrigerator in haier Bio-medical Industrial Park in Qingdao High-tech Zone in order to save lives.”Authorized blood donors can directly open the refrigerator door to collect blood by holding a swiping card, fingerprint, account number and password,” he said.Feng Junxiang, director of intelligent Blood Network software platform of Qingdao Haier Bio-medical Co., LTD.The reporter saw that the intelligent unattended blood refrigerator in the blood are stored separately in each drawer, “blood type, temperature, location and other information can be automatically read, blood exchange time, blood safety and quality can be traced back, documented.”Feng junxiang said that blood is a very precious public health resource, and blood safety is directly related to people’s lives and health.However, the traditional clinical blood use model has some pain points such as long blood collection period, high unreasonable blood use rate and easy blood waste.”Haier Biological Innovation iterative Internet of Things unattended blood program, clinical blood waiting time from half an hour to less than 2 minutes, to save lives faster.”According to introducing, intelligence unattended blood refrigerator is equivalent to the blood center storage refrigerator moved forward to the hospital, the hospital need blood, blood center can remotely via the Internet to send blood, authorized staff can directly from the blood out of the fridge, which can rapidly and accurately in an emergency blood use need blood.Feng Junxiang told reporters that the unattended blood refrigerator has access control, fingerprint identity verification, camera monitoring record, temperature and humidity monitoring upload, equipment operating status monitoring upload and other functions, and a blood warehouse, independent lock, to ensure that each bag of blood storage and access safety.The Beijing Winter Olympics will bring together athletes from all over the world.Due to ethnic differences, people in Western countries have a high proportion of Rh-negative blood type, while in China, the proportion of Rh-negative blood type is very low. Negative blood is very scarce in China, so it is called “panda blood”.If a sports injury needs blood transfusion, the emergency use of blood, especially the guarantee of panda blood, is particularly important.On the other hand, due to the particularity of blood, the blood received by the hospital cannot be returned to the blood center no matter whether it is used or not. Therefore, the blood center cannot issue too much “panda blood” to the hospital at one time to avoid waste.However, if the hospital goes to the blood center to collect blood when it needs emergency use, the time is too long, and the rescue time of the wounded may be missed.Therefore, how to ensure that hospitals have enough Rh-negative blood to be used at any time without causing waste of negative blood has become a very important issue in blood security this time.”Our refrigerator monitors and records the whole process of blood delivery and collection, making blood use more efficient and safe without causing blood waste.”Feng Junxiang said, through the Internet of things technology, both in the blood transfusion, or in the operation department, blood products are within the whole process tracking and cold chain monitoring system, blood safety and quality documented unused blood have a security certificate, can according to the outbound recycling, with no use of blood, blood centers can be retrieved in a timely fashion to other hospital blood, avoid waste.Therefore, Haier Bio provided an intelligent unattended blood guarantee scheme for the competition blood guarantee of Beijing Blood Center, which was placed in Shougang and Yanqing District hospitals respectively for the storage of Rh-negative blood to ensure the absolute safety of its storage and use.According to Feng Junxiang, Haier’s intelligent blood unattended refrigerator is the first intelligent device to realize self-access in the blood industry in China. It can be used in blood transfusion departments of hospitals, blood supply departments of blood stations, clinical operating rooms and other places where blood access is needed.Since its launch in early 2020, the product has been put into use in Shaoxing Central Blood Bank, Hefei Central Blood Bank, Qingdao Municipal Hospital, Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, Ganzizhou Central Blood Bank, Henan Hongli Hospital and other places, providing a safe and convenient solution for the advance movement of blood bank and hospital blood bank.Unattended blood solution from many aspects meet the demand of the blood center of Beijing event blood “in the refrigerator authorization login method, for example, we support the credit card, fingerprint, password, such as a variety of ways, considering the blood center to send blood personnel more and not fixed, so put in storage with the method of credit card certification, by the specified permission CARDS for warehouse operation.However, it is not enough to swipe the card only in the warehouse operation, and blood safety must be ensured. Therefore, we added the verification of blood issuing order number, and the designated blood can be taken out only after the verification of both card swiping and blood issuing order number is passed.In this way, after the details were discussed and hammered out by the team, the plan was finalized.”Feng Junxiang said that after the program was determined, the demand for software development was also clear, they urgently set up a special software development team, began to work overtime software development.After the completion of software development, under the high intensity of testing, after the team review, finally reached the online requirements.Although the software of the intelligent blood unattended refrigerator has been comprehensively tested, in order to prevent unforeseen abnormalities in the emergency blood collection, Haier Bio has arranged special personnel to be stationed in two hospitals for on-site support. In addition, the personnel responsible for software development are also remotely guarded and on standby.The clinical use of blood affects the safety of tens of millions of people.Next, haier will continue to focus on the needs of users, continuous deep blood safety field and create sustainable iterative ecological system, and the wisdom of the blood by linking blood stations, hospitals, government, industry, doctors, patients and other important nodes, promote the blood management mode reform in the field of different scenarios, to make a better life.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Li Yuan report)