Roman rod and slippery track hang curtain which had better

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Roman bar hangs curtain better 1, Roman bar is Ming bar, direct naked installation, do not do curtain box also very beautiful.2, the style of the column is diverse and elegant.3, convenient installation, simple disassembly, in the case of no ceiling, no curtain box, choose to use the Roman rod, improve the beauty.The Roman pole was a curtain pole, fixed horizontally above the window, with a ring on the pole, which connected the curtain and the rod.The shape of the column head is extremely decorative and has various styles. Usually, the curtain rod is directly exposed to play a decorative role.In style, Roman pole is more suitable for European, European, American, Nordic, pastoral and other styles.The Roman pole is called the Roman pole because it looks like ancient Roman buildings. A horizontal pole has gourd-shaped, imitation Roman architecture design at both ends. The pole body is cylindrical, and most Roman poles belong to Ming poles.It is a kind of rod of curtain suspension, of its horizontal type, of the cylinder of rod body, such rod is buckled commonly or annulus, the two ends of the rod are cylinder.Roman rod advantage: its advantage is suitable for not in advance to do the window curtain box ceiling, even if exposed also has decorative effect, and the material of Roman rod has a lot of, very selective, there are solid wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, PVC, beautiful appearance, exposure is also very good, cleaning is also very convenient.At present, most are installed aluminum Roman rod, so how to choose and decorate the supporting Roman rod is very important.At present, most of the market is aluminum Roman rod, family seldom choose iron, after all, the price difference is not too much, aluminum or iron is too much better.Aluminum Roman rods are available in triacid oxidation, diacid oxidation, spray, water transfer and electrophoretic layer surface treatment.You can choose the Roman rod you need according to the decoration style of your home.So let’s talk a little bit about the different processes, the difference between triacid and diacid is in brightness.The brightness of oxidation also has a great relationship with the use of materials, gb aluminum bar is better than recycled aluminum.Second is the thickness of the pole, the general family does not need special thick, after all, thick, the pole is particularly heavy, itself is used to hang the curtain, the pole is particularly heavy, the weight of the bracket is very important, easy to loose after a long time.General wall thickness of 1.5MM rod hardness is very good!How many ways are there to install the Roman rod?First: Roman rod VS hook with Roman rod track curtain can also do hook, S hook, four hook, adjust straight hook can be.But you have to put a pull ring on the Roman pole.Advantage: integral effect is good, convenient unpick and wash, suit the window of all sorts of dimensions, short shade, wave window, French window suits.Weakness: drape feeling is a bit worse than a hole.Second: Roman rod VS Roman circle Roman circle is what we often say to punch installation, hit a number of round holes at the top of the curtain, and then wear into the Roman rod in accordance with the rules.Advantage: punch can let the drape of curtain appear very deep, hang down feeling will be very good, very suitable for French window, atmosphere.Weakness: perforated curtain unpick and wash inconvenient, must want to take down the whole Roman rod ability to unload.Third: Roman rod VS wear rod Roman rod wear rod is in the top of the curtain toward the inside fold about 5 cm edge, and then directly with Roman rod inserted into go in, let the curtain naturally form drape, do not need any other Roman circle and hook and other accessories.Advantages: good-looking, artistic, suitable for sample rooms, exhibition halls and artistic places.Disadvantages: inconvenient to disassemble and wash, not convenient to pull.If the curtain is hung by sliding rail, it needs to be hidden by curtain box. If there is no curtain box, it is not beautiful exposed outside, and it is not convenient to remove it when cleaning.