Seal god: Yin jiao place seal value year too old calculate how old official?Yuan Shi Tian Zun: He has the final say on the year-end bonus

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The battle of canonization of god, Yin Jiao was very hurt, a legitimate prince, the future can succeed the Royal Highness of the Shang Dynasty, after all, or to do the canonization list of celebrities, by Jiang Ziya canonization for the value of too old.Yin Jiao is a poor man.As a result of the nine-tailed fox Su Daji’s bewitching, shang King Zhou’s temper has changed greatly, the weather is changeable, such as tyrannies, torture killed the East Palace empress Jiang, Yin Jiao, Yin Hong were forced to run away from home, each to run.Young heart bear great harm, the shadow of the family of origin is hard to let go.Fairy road strange fate, mimianzhong doomed, Yin Jiao was over to teach twelve fairy first wide into the son of nine immortal shantaoyuan hole monascetic, sponsor, to breathe.When King Wu attacked King Zhou, Yin Jiao was sent down the mountain by his master to fight his father, King Zhou.Shen Gongbao said something, and pushed him into the arms of Yin Shang. At the last moment, he changed sides against Xiqi’s army.As a result, Yin jiao suffered from ploughing, and was sent to the pedestal of canonization by a Taoist priest. Jiang Ziya conferred on him the title of “Tai”.Yin Jiao was a miserable unfortunate egg. Her grandmother did not love her uncle. She separated her children and then took sides with her master, Guang Cheng Zi, and her father, King Zhou.What a poor thing.However, comparatively speaking, according to the outcome of the war of canonization, his final fate is still quite good, and even can be said to be no one else on the list of canonization, 365 eight positive gods, all have to depend on his face to eat.Why is that?How many meaning does long childe help small Sue?Look at the officer, don’t worry, we come to the analysis – yuan shi Tian Zun’s rescheduling and value of the mystery of years too old.The return of the gods: the layout of the list of deities and the real positioning among the gods.Purple fu jin fu jade Taiwan, jing feather cover blowing three Taiwan.Thunder blast fire bucket has been divided, the constellation of stars open.Picket selflessly called to virtue, breeding a self-ordered long ability.From now on, gods and ghosts will not fall into the grass lai.– “Romance of canonization” What is the purpose of the canonization plan?The above paragraph is very clear, to begin with the meaning, in a word, is two words: order.Haotian asked to explain the twelve jinxian bow to the minister, three religions signed the list of gods, in the name of the gods to kill the opening of god war mode, according to the fairy way, Shinto and humanitarian classification, the size of the gods on the list is more so.Special orders jiang Shang according to the weight of the robbery, based on the capital high, feng Er for the eight department is god, the palm of each department, according to the cloth day, picketing the world of good and evil, prosecuting the three circles.Fortune and misfortune shall come upon you, and life and death shall be freed from this day, and shall move step by step upon the day of meritorious service.Jiang Ziya returned to his homeland and conferred god, which is also what he said at the beginning. Key words: Each performs his own duties.In the strict hierarchical order, each position, each performing their own duties, each has their own role positioning, each do their own things.One of the most important reasons why King Zhou was attacked was the “hen Si Chen”. Su Daji confused your mind and brought disaster to the country and the people. The world order was out of order.The list of canonization forms such an order: three mountains and five mountains.To Huang Tianhua, Huang Feihu father and son as representatives.The thunder.Wen Zhong for nine days should be the thunder universal tianzun, commander of the thunder department twenty-four days jun, xing Yunbu rain.The fire department.Luo Xuan is the Lord of Huo De Xing, his five fire department is god.Wen.Lv Yue was the master, and there were six gods.Bucket.Jinling Notre Dame for the palace doum yuan jun, in charge of the gold tie down, sit doufu, the first of the stars, the North Pole of purple.And eighty-four thousand stars under his rule.Even the Arctic Ziwei emperor Boyi kao is also her deputy, full of strength.Four marshals.Guarding lingxiao Palace.The four Heavenly Kings.Assist western religion.Induction fairy.The Lord of the heavens is born and nourished.Choose the altar true gentleman.Zhao Gongming, the God of the five ways and the God of wealth.See officer, arrive here, you are very clear.In fact, the so-called eight departments are independent of each other. Under the leadership of department managers, they perform their respective duties according to their specialties and strengths.Guan Mountain, rain and snow, heating, security, childbirth, money, all kinds of departments.When it comes to welfare, it seems that Zhao Gongming, the god of wealth, has more power. Whoever does not pay wages, he has to get them first and pay them well.Three hundred and sixty-five gods, thousands and thousands of gods, get their pay slips from him.However, I think you may be missing one crucial point, and that person is too old for Yin.Salary, benefits, benefits, medical care, pension, rv, the final decision depends on him.Chinese New Year, the unit to send how much welfare, have year-end bonus, value year too old have absolute discourse right.What does that mean?Let’s move on.Value year too old of the proud jiao of Yin jiao: day court welfare is much, can take a hand, can take how many, I say the final word.Special royal Yin jiao for the implementation of age jun too old god, sit anniversary, pipe that year Sue.Er Yang ren jia Son too old god, led your men, the day is god, around the stars, observe the past guilt by the world.According to xu Zhonglin, the author of the novel, there are two taisui, Yin Jiao is the age of tai, Yang Ren is jia Zi age, one is an official, Yang Ren, Yin jiao is in charge, Yang Ren assistant, do specific work.The years are too old.What did Yin Jiao do when he was too old?Sit anniversary, director Hugh blame.It means good, evil, good or evil.Likewise, deputy Yang Ren means “examining the history of the human world”, which means the same thing.Under the age of Too many stars on duty:Day tour god temperature taboo good night wandering God Joe taboo kun increased blessing God Han poison dragon damage Xue taboo evil tiger show god party tabu bute open road god party tabu straight year god Li Taboo C (wanxian died in battle) straight month god Huang Taboo b (wanxian died in battle) straight day god Zhou Taboo deng (wanxian died in battle) straight when god LiuThis is the name list of the small gods under the banner of Nian Tai Sui and Jia Zi Tai Sui.How does this department work?As a department head, he sat in the office and assessed the performance of the gods.Deputy Jia Zi Too old Yang Ren is to visit a line, the grassroots, master grasp the world assessment this piece.Why does wu Cheng ‘en’s journey to the West secretly protect the tang Priest’s team?They had a little book in their hands, which was specially used to record the performance of the golden cicada on the way to fetch buddhist scriptures.Tai sui.People like the king, leading the gods, the positive direction, Han Yun timing sequence, assembly age.What is being too old for?According to the number of stars, observe the past guilt of the world.He was responsible for examining the “degrees” of the gods and the performance of the human world.What does degree mean?Whether you sit in a good position, whether you zone out, what kind of attitude you have at work, and what your final performance is.So here’s the conclusion.The gods and the people all worked hard for a year, looking forward to a good year, a good harvest, more welfare and small money.Payroll, year-end bonus, all kinds of benefits. Who to call?The god of wealth zhao Gongming, three circles six, heaven and earth, can be strong number, the most money in his account.Being robbed of 24 beads by the Lantern Man makes up for it.But, dear, you must remember, there is still one less procedure!Get how many welfare, in the final analysis, even see you at ordinary times specific performance, made what contribution.Yeah, it’s the last hurdle, the year-end review.The examination result form is in the value of too old Yin jiao received.Good and evil determine good and evil, things done well, outstanding contributions, benefits, generous bonuses.If you don’t do your job well, procrastinate, line your pockets, I’m sorry, bad comments, don’t even think about it, you might even get punished.A total of three hundred and sixty-five into god, and divided into eight parts: the top four thunder, fire, plague, dou, under the four stars dwell, three mountains and five mountains, cloth rain xing cloud, the god of good and evil.This is jiang Ziya under the Kunlun Mountains when the Yuan Shi Tian Zun calculation of a word, a word of heaven, inspired.The so-called “good and evil” god is all-encompassing, including all the gods of the heavens.A mind, the heart of good and evil.The eight parts of the god also need an object to check, constraints, no rules can not be fangyuan.This man is too old for his age.There is an important word in yuan Shi’s imperial decree: “On the day of meritorious service, move step by step.”Such, this branch that Yin jiao holds has the function that supervises imperial history.Officials of the same rank in the Ming Dynasty were usually equipped with lower grades, but he could impeach officials several grades higher than him, which made people very afraid.There are celebrities on the list, no matter how big your grade, value too old have the power to judge the merits of impeachment.Year-end inventory, the gods of the year-end bonus are held in the hands of the value of too old Yin Jiao, not much high, solid weight or no problem.Tai Sui, the most powerful of the gods.Heart good thoughts, bright road.Facing the sea, with spring blossoms.