The female atrium who voluntarily surrendered and was punished again: all the way to raise money all the way

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After voluntarily surrender nearly 1 year, zhang Xiulan of fallen female hall official is prosecuted.Zhang Xiulan, deputy party chief and governor of Wenshan Prefecture in Yunnan province, has been indicted, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) announced on February 15.Zhang Xiulan, one of the female officials who voluntarily committed suicide last year, was later blamed for environmental problems.According to the official notice, Zhang has no political judgment, discrimination or determination, and has been negligent in her work during the epidemic, leaving supplies idle for a long time.Zhang Xiulan, female, Miao nationality, born in October 1966, 56 years old this year, from Malipo, Yunnan province, on-the-job postgraduate degree, began to work in July 1984, joined the Communist Party of China in April 1992.Public information, xiu-lan zhang graduated from wenshan ethnic for junior college students of normal schools, professional cadres become wenshan funing county bureau of education after graduation, she successive wenshan funing county national high school teachers, youth corps committee secretary, wenshan education committee cadres, the communist youth league of wenshan committee ShaoGongWei, deputy director of the office of wenshan commission, deputy director of the office of wenshan education committee, director of the political section, etc.In June 2001, Zhang Xiulan served as deputy head of Wenshan County, Wenshan Prefecture. In December 2002, she served as acting Head of Xichou County, Wenshan Prefecture.In October 2005, Zhang Xiulan became secretary of the Xichou County Party Committee.In March 2006, Zhang Xiulan assumed the post of vice Governor of Wenshan Prefecture. In January 2011, she assumed the post of Standing Committee of Wenshan State Committee, and later served as executive vice Governor of Wenshan Prefecture.In February 2015, Zhang Xiulan became the acting governor of Wenshan Prefecture and the governor of Wenshan Prefecture in March 2015.After serving as the governor of Wenshan Prefecture for six years, Zhang Xiulan voluntarily surrendered on April 30, 2021.Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture is located in the southeast of Yunnan Province in the southwest of China, bordering Baise City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the east, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture in the west, Qujing city in the north and Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the south.By the end of 2020, the total resident population of The prefecture was 3,503,200, and the minority population was 2,014,800, accounting for 57.51% of the total population.Zheng Zhijun noted that on the night of Zhang Xiulan’s death, the Standing Committee of Wenshan Municipal Party Committee held the 132nd (expanded) meeting to inform the provincial Commission for Discipline inspection and the provincial Supervisory Commission of zhang Xiulan’s decision to carry out disciplinary examination and supervision investigation on her suspected serious violation of discipline and law.”We will eliminate the negative impact of zhang Xiulan’s case, resolutely eradicate pollution sources of political ecology, and build a clean and upright political ecology,” the meeting said.Zheng Zhijun noted that li Jiasong, former chairman of wenshan Prefecture of Yunnan Province, and Chen Xiaohua (female), former vice-chairman of Wenshan Prefecture of Yunnan Province, who had worked with Zhang for many years, had surrendered to the police in June 2020 and September 2020 before Zhang fell.Shortly after Zhang Xiulan voluntarily surrendered to the case (May 21, 2021), yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision notified “Wenshan Prefecture of the responsibility for perfunctorily correcting the illegal small hydropower projects that seriously damaged the ecological environment of the national Nature Reserve”.A total of five provincial-level officials, eight section-level officials and three section-level officials were held accountable, according to the circular.Five provincial cadres, including Zhang Xiulan.In April 2021, the eighth Central Ecological and environmental Protection Supervision Team was stationed in Yunnan for one month (From April 6 to May 6, 2021).Later, Wenshan Prefecture was named and notified by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment for “perfunctory rectification of illegally built small hydropower plants”.Wenshan National Nature Reserve is located in laojunshan mountain area at the junction of Wenshan City and Xichou County, Wenshan Prefecture. In June 2003, The State Council approved the promotion to national nature reserve.In March 2010, Erhegou First-level power station of Wenshan Prefecture started construction of 5.5km-long diversion channel, water intake, dam and other facilities in the core area and buffer zone of Wenshan National Nature Reserve, and was completed and put into operation in November 2012, resulting in long-term water reduction and even dehydration of about 6.5km-long section of The Zao River in the protected area.The first round of central ecological and environmental protection inspectors and “Looking back” both pointed out that some of yunnan’s national nature reserves were illegally building small hydropower plants, but the Wenshan government pretended not to know about it.In May 2019, the relevant state departments once again pointed out the problem, but the Wenshan Prefectural government still turned a deaf ear, ignored the attention, and responded perfunctorily.On December 16, 2020, the Wenshan prefectural government falsely claimed that “the rectification work of small and medium-sized hydropower stations has been completed” in an attempt to pass the inspection.On May 21, 2021 in yunnan province, commission for discipline inspection committee report mentioned, wenshan government, wenshan municipal party committee, municipal government and related leading cadres and local protectionism, egotistical thought seriously, to downplay the feedback correction problem ignored, and the one-sided emphasis on the region’s actual, fraud and take any chances, feedback problems can’t be settled rectification for a long time.In January 2022, the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision reported that Zhang Xiulan had been fired.According to the official, Zhang’s first problem was her lack of political judgment, political discrimination and political determination, the collapse of her ideals and beliefs, the loss of party principles, her spirit slack and emptiness, her violation of political discipline, her deliberate efforts to fight against organizational censorship, and her widespread superstitious activities.In addition, she was also accused of formalism and bureaucratic behavior in implementing the rectification of problems pointed out by the central environmental inspectors, accepting gifts and cash;Concealing the real estate information, falsely reporting the holding of shares, failing to truthfully explain the problems and report the personal whereabouts as required when organizing the conversation letter consultation;Engage in profit-seeking activities in violation of regulations.The report also said That Zhang’s dereliction of duty during the epidemic left supplies idle for a long time, causing adverse effects.Embezzle financial funds to set up private “small Treasury”.As Zhang was indicted, more details of the case emerged.According to the prosecution, Zhang Xiulan took advantage of her position as deputy governor and executive deputy governor of Wenshan State People’s Government, deputy secretary of Wenshan State Party Committee and governor to seek benefits for others, illegally accepted money and property from others, the amount is particularly huge, should be investigated for criminal responsibility for taking bribes according to law.In other words, Zhang’s accumulation of wealth began when she was deputy governor of Wenshan Prefecture, and then she amassed wealth along the way as executive deputy governor and governor.On January 26, 2022, the Standing Committee of Wenshan Municipal Party Committee held a (expanded) meeting to announce the decision of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Provincial Supervisory Commission on the disciplinary and administrative punishment of Zhang Xiulan, notify Zhang Xiulan of serious violations of discipline and law, and carry out warning education.We must respect the law, discipline, organization, power and people, and never use power for personal gain.Always be on thin ice.We should cultivate a positive and healthy interest in life, keep away from vulgar interests, keep our words and deeds consistent with our appearances, and turn iron discipline into daily habits and consciously follow them. We should work hard without distractions.Two days later (January 28), wenshan Municipal Committee of the standing committee team held a special democratic life to learn from the profound lessons of Zhang Xiulan case.It was mentioned at the meeting that important measures were taken to comprehensively clean up the bad influence of Zhang Xiulan’s case, thoroughly eradicate the pollution sources and contaminated sediment of political ecology, and promote the sustained, comprehensive and thorough improvement of wenshan’s political ecology.Materials | xinhua People’s Daily online CCTV’s highest check website etc. Source: China website information