The new “Lean on the Sky” off to a bad start, the original three drama, all shot badly

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Wang jing’s version of Jiuyang Shengong was released on an online video platform recently, and many netizens expressed their disappointment after watching the film. They couldn’t believe that the drama was produced by the same director as the previous film.Actually this film is just burst out when cast of actors, suffer controversy, a lot of people think a lot of main characters in film slant age big, if male leading role changes makeup look, can perform six big parties siege bright top period Yang Xiao completely.But although the casting some controversy, but many of the film is looking forward to, after all, has long been Mr. Wong in filming “great drama” is a set, and the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “and” climax “of all the works of jin yong’s part of the most novel, so Mr. Wong although not necessarily can take out the connotation of the novel,It was supposed to make for some exciting fight scenes, but when the movie actually aired, it was a disappointment.The first climax in the original work of “lean on heaven and Slay the Dragon” should be zhang Sanfeng’s centennial birthday party.This scene although there is no fighting scenes, but Zhang Sanfeng and Wudang six xia, in order to Zhang Cuishan, at all with the world decent enemy scene, or very wonderful, touching.At that time led by the Shaolin of all famous decent in the name of his life, gathered in Wudang Mountain, they in order to force Zhang Cuishan to say the whereabouts of the golden lion King Xie Xun, aggressive, shaolin three god monk even directly issued a challenge to Zhang Sanfeng, and completely regardless of the identity of the plan to three to one.At this time Zhang Songxi came forward, he first told Zhang Cuishan, Wudang disciple “righteousness” in the lead, even if Xie Xun is heinous, but as long as he is Zhang Cuishan’s righteousness brother, can not let people in Zhang Cuishan’s mouth, that the whereabouts of Xie Xun.Then he argued with the Shaolin sect in front of the whole world, but the Shaolin monks were speechless.After the two sides decided to win the tournament, Yu Lianzhou in order to Zhang Cuishan, decided to use the “tiger claw” was banned before killing.Yin Li Ting is going to ask his fiancee Ji Xiao Fu to help, although the final contest did not play up, but only look at the friendship before the Wudang seven xia, still can make a person feel blood boiling.Unfortunately, it’s so good to be changed beyond recognition, the film’s six basic who tools not spiderman, wudang Zhang Cuishan one into the other camp, wudang side didn’t anyone to help, so watch Zhang Cuishan hacked to death by a group of “batman”.After the death of Zhang Cuishan YanSuSu didn’t choose double suicide together, but with zhang mowgli lived together in the wudang mountain, the wudang life days, with a group of young Song Qingshu wudang disciple shame zhang mowgli and YanSuSu, zhang mowgli directly hit the young disciples, then arrange the “sun true through” with YanSuSu back to cold island, YanSuSu became very ill died on the way,Before he died, he told Zhang Wuji not to take revenge.It is estimated that many Jin Yong fans saw this adaptation, hit the heart of the computer have.The second climax in the original work novel is six groups besiege bright top, Yang Xiao, Wei Yixiao and five scattered people are cheng Kun plot against, all are seriously injured, Yin Tianzheng a person confronts six groups, Wudang does not wish to take advantage of the danger of the person, Song Yuanqiao decides to compare tactics with Yin Tianzheng only than internal force.However, the Wudang faction in the movie did not abide by the moral principles of the jianghu. The Wudang Five men directly fought against Yin Tianzheng, but the five men together were not the opponent of Yin Tianzheng, and were destroyed by Yin Tianzheng.Next zhang mowgli’s appearance is very unique, directly from the ground with a small zhao flew out, against a full face of dangerous, can appear six arm of the shaolin master, emptiness in hollow although some temperamental, but after all is monks of shaolin empty word generation, the author for his evaluation is also “identity is extremely high, although due to the natural disposition is a simple, no matter of, don’t be to Spain in the temple,However, in this film, there is nothing like the appearance of an eminent monk. His facial features fly wildly and he smiles with evil spirits while fighting, which is a complete rebel in anyone’s eyes.After the defeat of the empty, Zhang Wuji began to play extinction teacher too, extinction teacher too soon by Zhang Wuji took away the sword, Zhang Wuji will sword to Zhou Zhi if, let Zhou Zhi if also sword, Zhou Zhi if listen to the command of extinction teacher tai, stabbed Zhang Wuji.After Zhang Wuji was injured, the battle of Guangming Ding ended. There were no characters like Xian Yutong, He Taichong and Ban Shuxian in the film, and the Wudang school did not send Song Qingshu to fight again.Each big pie before he left, YuLianZhou sent zhang mowgli “heavenly Kings heart Dan, then zhang mowgli to say his true identity, but in the original because zhang mowgli’s father Zhang Cuishan ranking fifth in the wudang seven man, so zhang mowgli is called the second YuLianZhou” shu “2”, can be in the film, zhang mowgli calls YuLianZhou “shu juwan.Six factions siege the bright top so hastily ended, in addition to Zhang Wuji and empty sex that a fight looks more intense outside, the book of the main play, was shot without any memory point.The third small climax in the book, is zhao Min led a big, two, three and others raid wudang Mountain, Zhang Sanfeng was injured by the air phase plot, Zhang Wuji and the People arrived in time.After that, Zhang Sanfeng taught Zhang Wuji how to learn Taijiquan and Taiji sword, and defeated Zhao Min and others.O although only appear in the movie the yamato two, but the two fights were wonderful, but have no stake in the book, zoroastrianism and successively hill plot, let the whole scene is no longer so exciting, and zhang mowgli with zhang sanfeng learned program, unexpectedly small zhao hands took the knife, the odd change,Originally xiao Zhao’s mother purple dragon king has been looking for dragon knife, but Zhang Wuji gave the knife to Xiao Zhao custody.In general, this edition of the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “both actors and plot are like jet li, before chingmy yau has a great gap, the version that most people don’t understand is that the orgasm scene, had to clap, as long as it is according to the original we will be able to take a blood of feeling, but must has changed beyond recognition, make the film become dull, really a pity.Lean on the Sky and slay the Dragon