Guandu District: “Guangyan Hall” to solve people’s worries

2022-05-16 0 By

“The demolition of illegal buildings here is a relief from our worries, thanks to you!”Recently, Guandu District taihe street commission for Discipline Inspection in the return visit avant-garde road community alley, received a number of residents “praise”.It is understood that the alley in guandu District Taihe Street Qianwei Road community, which connects tangshuang Road, Qianwei Road, Shuanglong New village, surrounded by primary schools, hospitals, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, is the only way for citizens to go to school, work, medical care and life.However, due to the surrounding residential buildings, some first-floor residents built illegal tile-roofed houses on the basis of the original housing, resulting in narrow lanes, difficult for residents to travel, parking and charging electric vehicles safety hazards.Under the active promotion of taihe street Commission for Discipline Inspection, the community Party Committee of avant-garde Road, the residence supervision Committee went to the field for the first time to in-depth understanding of the situation, and convened the relevant department heads and resident representatives of the area held “guangyantang” symposium.”Narrow roads, inconvenience or small problems, electric car charging safety is our biggest worry, this if a safety accident, the consequences are unimaginable!”At “Guangyantang”, each resident representative spoke to each other, or made suggestions, or reflected problems and demands, and the staff listened carefully and took notes carefully.”You will not write down the problems I report and ignore it!”Uncle Li, a resident representative who came to reflect the problem of illegal construction, worried.”Uncle Li, you can rest assured that we will not only record, but also conduct a special study on the problems you reflect, clarify the time limit for solving problems, form a closed-loop management, and timely return to you.”The staff patiently explained the procedures to the residents’ representatives, assuring them that any reported problems could be resolved.After the meeting, the community Party Committee, the neighborhood supervision committee invested more than 20,000 yuan, invited the project construction operation team, only 5 days, will be reflected in the narrow tunnel in the illegal demolition, at the same time, repair the road, expand the space, the new electric car parking lot with intelligent charging facilities and monitoring facilities.It effectively alleviates the “old and difficult” problem of hidden safety hazards in “flying cable” charging of residents living in this area, and effectively improves residents’ sense of security, happiness and sense of gain.It is reported that up to now, avant-courier road community through the “wide speech hall” discussion, in-depth area of 8 grid to ask more than 600 times, people say 32 times, centralized discussion 16 times, supervise and urge to check more than 40 times, for the masses to solve difficult, urgent more than 100 times.”The voice of the people is the whistle of our work. We will stick to a problem-oriented approach, go to the front line closely around the most practical interests of the people, extend our oversight reach to the people, and focus on solving their worries, worries and worries.”Guandu district taihe street committee said in charge.(Official Notice)