How to make money with a music clip number

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Prophase preparation: first: editing tools – cut reflected pr 2: ensure that account not limited flow 3: cutting the source of the material to prepare material video material: love to network pexels website video class player audio material: cut reflects the cabin, Migu music in the middle of editing work: the basic choice high-definition editing content items, shut the original,Import audio material with a ratio of 9:16, cut out excess material, start with attractive material, identify song lyrics, set up a good cover and add title 3: Search, check.4: export, and delete the watermark cut reflected, select hd quality editing ideas to select the climax, pick the most recent popular songs, music and picture connection.Release method: Release works through douyin creation inspiration 5: Realization 1: make money by hanging small program. Send works with signal when the release point is determined, without WIFI.2: take goods to make money such as selling U disk to make money, U disk to choose their own songs 3: huge star map to make money with music list, or the home page to hang wechat let people find you to pick up, or add music promotion group.