Last night…Today…(with)

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Last night’s fireworks have been cold, time is fleeting last night’s young wine cup in the complicated and blurred, ambition not to worry about the dark cloud surging last night’s sky, still continue to rain last night’s Chongwen Road xiaolang product full of friends, full of seats last night I came home from work is midnight, the light dark people sparse last night sleep,Is not someone’s dream talk not impatient not impatient inadvertently over the three hundred and sixty-five days may be late years of heart can not be excited upsurge may be calm years can withstand not easy bitterness may be more calm after the waves washed the sand,Calm calm full of confidence last year’s poems still have shallow spring flowers last year’s dream is still fantasy facing the sea back against the mountain last year’s wind clear cloud light is how many pure heart selfless dedication last year planted rape is full of lofty sentiments last spring, summer, autumn and winter footsteps,Persistent pursuit of poetry unfulfilled dream even tasted the loneliness from the juvenile to grow don’t need to keep an open heart not afraid of travel of the strangers in the spring of scarlet gate is a powerful, stick the blessing today is the spring season and there is no wind no rain no shine ripe grain humbly welcome the land the arms of the germination of seeds challenge cold indomitable old and familiar 趆 old street in the ancient town (congratulations you make a fortune!Congratulations on your fortune!Sometimes I smile, I hope this year to run a good signs cx ablation, river water were to visit friends and relatives of people still dressed red hot today is the third day, think of my childhood father make track for a star cast month behind valley planted the birds always called “sleep tight” in front of the court house is li bai peach all last year appeared scud chardonnay,Sunrise and sunset Thanksgiving family happiness happiness can not become a towering tree I can at least for the family to hold up the umbrella of the wind and rain, although I am not addicted to the luxuriant word bath, although I can not write a lofty lofty paragraph sentence with a kind heart of integrity of the pen and ink to write this side of the people of this good scene