Marbury down cruel!CBA top big foreign aid was abandoned north control men’s basketball again wrong

2022-05-16 0 By

In a twinkling of an eye, Marbury has been in the third season as the head coach of The North Control men’s basketball team. Except for the first season when the combination of three foreign players made the playoffs, the performance of the north Control men’s basketball team in the last two seasons was not ideal, and the most critical thing was that the foreign players kept making mistakes.They brought in John Major in the middle of last season and were sacked after a poor performance.They did not learn the lesson, this season and introduced Todorovic, on the current performance, he is obviously a bit redundant in the North Control men’s basketball team, but was originally prepared to cut Haas reflected the value, it is understood that the North Control men’s basketball team decided to give up Todorovic, after all, the window dunmon will join.To tell the truth, north Control men’s basketball foreign aid selection in THE CBA is also relatively bad, although there is such a successful case of Fogg, but only that, from Delgado did not play a CBA game was abandoned, to Major only played two games, last season harrison also became redundant foreign aid.This season, The North Control men’s basketball team took back the right to introduce foreign aid. As a result, it signed Haas in a hurry before the season. Many fans do not recognize his ability, but now, he has helped the North Control men’s basketball team the most.The last window of the North control men’s basketball team signed Landsberg, his performance is very ups and downs, but at least there are also help the team overtime beat guangzhou Dragon lion classic game.But Todorovic is a difficult story, his ability is not poor, but really not suitable for the North control men’s basketball, he and Zou Yuchen almost completely overlap on the offensive end, the defense is not so tough, but no haas ability to protect the frame.And Todorovic complained that the referee’s problem has not changed, as long as he can’t hit, he basically stands there and watches his teammates defend.Several foreign aid from the current view, LAN sulzberger can provide at least 3-pointers, critical moment can also foul, haas to protect the basket ability is very strong, with the liaoning men’s basketball game before, pg, would dare to break through to the basket, even laid much petrovic really is too excessive, BeiKong need not inside basketball big foreign aid, but a team can series,The little foreign aid who scored in the clutch.Dunmon will join the North Control men’s basketball team next, so the North Control men’s basketball team has decided to give up Todorovic through these games, after all, among the four foreign aid, he is the least helpful to the team, Marbury has no objection to such a decision.Continuous problems in foreign aid, if once out of the playoffs, perhaps north control men’s basketball and Marbury’s position can not keep!