New Year’s day small craftsmen take you to play “nurturant department” game, win the tiger year of the first cup of spring tea

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Spring tea in the New Year friends friends, small craftsmen recently felt the “cultivate department” of happiness!Someone asked the small artisan what is “nurturance department”?It is the process when we spend our mind on things or people we love, and they grow up to shine, and the feedback to our hearts is that very happy, super gratified!Alone lele than all lele, so the small carpenter decided to “develop the department” of happiness and happiness to pass to everyone.It is time to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year. 2022 is a time to start a beautiful life with full expectations and an elegant season to harvest spring tea.All say spring breeze ten miles, not as good as a cup of spring tea, small craftsmen here sincerely invite friends to participate in the artisan tea workshop “Spring Festival, spring tea” activities.We invite friends to plant tea trees together, cultivate and irrigate them with our relatives and friends, and hope that they will grow from small saplings full of hope to tall tea trees that can take care of themselves. Together, we will turn our New Year wishes into the fragrance of our mouths.The harder you work, the luckier you will be. After participating in the activity, you will not only receive a virtual tea tree, but also get a “spring tea coupon” of The flagship store of The Workshop, and have a chance to get a spring Tea of the Year of the Tiger.These prizes are not all prepared by the craftsmen for you, but most of them are from your hard work, which also carries the gratitude and deep blessing of the craftsmen tea Workshop to you.Please open your mobile phone and join us to feel the happiness and satisfaction of “cultivating department”!Look at it, the entrance of the activity is below, the small artisan is looking forward to meeting you in the game!The activity will be held from February 1, 2022 to February 28, 2022.Enter the “Artisan Tea Workshop” public account dialog box, reply “spring tea” or “seeds”, receive spring tea seeds to participate in the activity.Participation Rules: Plant spring tea trees on the activity interface and share them with friends. You can invite friends to water your tea trees.With the increase of watering times, the spring tea trees gradually grow up. When the watering times reaches 10 times, the tea trees grow up. A spring tea voucher worth 200 yuan pops out of the pop-up window and you can click to collect it.After the tea trees grow, they can continue to water to make the tea trees continue to grow. After the event, the top 10 users in the list can get a copy of spring tea in 2022 from Jiangcha Workshop.Each user can get a spring tea voucher at most. After receiving the spring tea voucher, users can contact their own exclusive customer service, or leave a message on the public account to contact the small artisan for use.Top 10 users of tea tree growth, within 3 working days after the end of the activity, the small artisan will contact you and mail the prize to you according to the address you provided.Note: Spring tea voucher can be used until April 31.Precautions Each user can only water a user once a day.The final interpretation of this activity belongs to the artisan tea workshop.