Qingqing jingming, do not negative spring, qingbo take you to open a small holiday cloud culture journey

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2022.3-4.5 bucket grass Tanchun Peach and Plum laugh, wanshu orioles royal Willow inclined, Green Bo invite you “online” outing!Looking back on the hundred years of development of Qingdao, the city is on the way to rejuvenation in the changing times.The micro exhibition and virtual exhibition hall are all new, originating in Qingdao and accumulating thick streamers.Special customized poster and “micro classroom” are never absent, flowers bloom every time, together with spring;This qingming small holiday, meet qingbo, all the way wonderful!2022.4.3 “See Qingdao in the Museum” series launched!”Qingdao Old City to declare the World Cultural Heritage exhibition” is on display in the contemporary art space of Qingdao Museum, “Online Games Youth Expo” as the root to launch “See Qingdao in the museum” series of videos, take you to enjoy the unique style of many main roads in the old city!02 Digital Exhibition Hall on the new 2022.4.4 cloud “Exploration of Qingdao” ancient “Exploration of Qingdao: Exhibition of Archaeological Achievements in Qingdao” online micro exhibition, capture the offline exhibition hall highlights, enjoy the unique charm of Qingdao archaeological achievements.In contrast, the virtual exhibition hall will also be upgraded comprehensively, with 9 new key cultural relics, which will provide you with a 720° immersive viewing experience without leaving your home.2022.4.5 Enjoy the scenery of Spring in cultural relics customized posters of the Festival meet you “in the clouds”!Modern paper colored peach willow vertical axis, drawing willow brush peach blossom, blossoming smiling spring breeze.”Online Game Qingbo” brings you close to the collection of Ming Lanying Taoyuan spring picture axis and clear inkstone, lively and interesting words with children’s voice audio, effectively mobilize children’s music cells, explore the “24 solar terms in cultural relics”!Declaration: This article is from Qingdao Museum, the copyright of the picture belongs to the original author. If the content you share violates your copyright or the source is not the first original, please contact Xiaobian in time, and we will deal with it as soon as possible.💛 read more articles 🧡 click more at the end of the article “watching” ❤️ add star ❣️ to Qingdao Cultural and Tourism Bureau official micro welcome to contribute, small editor help you up the wall email: 🧡 Qingdao Cultural and Tourism Bureau we media matrix come to pay attention to it!Beg to share beg to see