Suddenly open, in the vast heaven and earth

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For you, I would like to be full of mountain cuckoo only for a spring without regret only because of a poem of Jiang Xun teacher, enough to let me go out to see the idea of mountain mirror, hate for many years of gaudy flowers, but because of the person like a word, it became the heart of the distance.After all, this is a very personal world, because fall in love with a person, love in his eyes.Through the same road, seen the same scenery, not to meet again, just for this lonely world, feel a kind of warmth and fit.Hanging silk begonia fell as fragrant, wisteria flowers also dripping in the rain into a corner dream, spring flowers are always continuous, azaleas have been eagerly opened into a piece of red waves, to be a turn around, continuous into the sea.The green is also eager to try, the flyover loop surrounded, also can not stop their vigorous growth, like a tiptoe head out of the railings of the bear, hairy let a person see the heart head soft.Under an evening cherry tree, I opened a few pages and read, “There is a fish in the north named Kun…Into a bird, its name is Peng.”I could not help putting down the page and musing on what it would be like for a fish to become a bird.Think of again, become a butterfly caterpillar, is not also a kind of metagenesis?No wonder Chuangzi was destined to be kunpeng and butterfly. The parable he drew was based on his understanding of the truth and the rest was just a story he told the world.Occasionally, when the wind comes, the flowers turn into rain, but turn into red mud, protecting the beauty of the rhododendron under the tree.Just then the Orange came up behind him. “What a romantic view of the back you are reading under the flower,” I was glad to hear.Sitting in the evening cherry under the moment, has felt beautiful floating life, the elegance of the common dust, is finally falling in life.Time does not float in the air, to take root to grow, in the season to flourish and wither.Sunshine on the shoulder, all kinds of scenery are charming and lovely, a flower leaves of poetry, a meal of fireworks, and hiding under the bookstall of the little milk cat, a lively and active, a secretly observing, completely different temperament, but are full of curiosity about this world, life is fresh, isn’t it?As for the miscellaneous debris, it is used to pave the road, not to blind the light of the heart, it is the impetuousness of the dust, so that due to the earth, scattered in the air, reversed cause and effect.All the way stop-go, sometimes flowers stand for other people’s house yard, sometimes flocculant in gone with the wind passing on life, the moments of pain, and sometimes looked with a smile of silence in the branches, triggering lazier, is also delicious fruit, by passing the sprinkler frighten hide in the corner, was walking oranges look amazing in the wind, life is so fine,A picture a picture, a moment a moment, the heart has a hundred states and to a read, a read up, and give birth to all things.Suddenly open, in the vast heaven and earth.Original prose essays