Lanzhou City Qilihe district market supervision bureau will carry out special inspection of drug equipment

2022-05-17 0 By

China Gansu Network On February 17, lanzhou Evening News reported (reporter Du Zhichao) On February 16, the reporter learned from the Qilihe District market supervision bureau, the bureau held 2022 drug device supervision work.This year, the bureau will highlight the key varieties, key links, through the development of special inspection in the field of circulation of pharmaceutical devices, tracking inspection, sampling and other effective means to effectively perform the quality and safety supervision of pharmaceutical devices.To supervise the production, operation and use units of medical equipment to firmly establish the consciousness of the first responsible person for quality and safety, and consciously comply with the requirements of quality management standards.Timely exposure of enterprises’ violations of laws and regulations will force them to fulfill their primary responsibilities.Supervise and urge enterprises to do a good job in the safe production of pharmaceutical equipment, and seriously investigate and eliminate hidden dangers of safe production.We will continue to supervise the implementation of regular epidemic prevention and control measures by pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, strictly implement real-name sales registration and monitoring of the “four categories” of drugs, and play the role of frontier “sentinel”.If the inspection team finds that the epidemic prevention and control measures are not fully implemented, they shall be ordered to make rectification immediately or close down or suspend business for rectification.Various regulatory measures, carry out “special drugs and drugs containing stimulants, vaccines, will be coronavirus detection reagent, pension institutions and medical cosmetology organization YaoXie use, business use, refrigeration freezing YaoXie in varieties, and the implant materials, artificial organs class equipment, sales of prescription drugs, don’t be obtained with a prescription YaoXie network sales and other special campaigns,Standardize the production, operation and use of medical devices.