Zhao Liying’s new play broadcast?Yang Yang’s new play?Zhang Lu yi’s casting is out of line?Does Gu Ailing graduate school?Trumps on Trumps?

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Why does Zhang Luyi always choose roles that do not conform to his age?Wu Xie is not as his “Hidden sea flowers” boot, Zhang Luyi as Wu Xie, the lineup out after listening to the original powder cry.This version of the casting is probably wang Pangzi’s degree of adaptation is the highest, the film party looking for Zhang Luyi starring is that his acting is good, suitable for playing a very characteristic role, this version of the casting he is also the first set.When will “Happiness” be broadcast?Good look forward to Zhao Liying ~ Zhao Liying’s “happiness” has not been approved, because the director and the film side are not in a hurry, the director went to do other projects halfway before, may be broadcast later than expected.March 8th is tentatively scheduled.3 Starling, trump card to trump card will there be this program, how did not broadcast this Spring Festival?It will be postponed this year, because the Beijing Winter Olympics is the hottest, which will affect the audience rating of ace. The recording will start next week.Resident guests Guan Xiaotong and Hua Chenyu have signed contracts, while Jia Ling and Teng Mei have not.4 Starling, Yang Yang really want to star in “my human fireworks”?Yes, this drama is customized by Hunan SATELLITE TV and Mango TV, which is a good resource if it can be on the star.Which university did Gu Ailing graduate from?Stanford University, ranked second in the world.