And Yang Mi reba with the play failed, and now with Xiao Zhan Yang Yang with the play, Liu Ruilin can seize the opportunity?

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There is a truth in the entertainment circle, that is: red depends on luck.It is true that some actors become popular stars directly with only one play, while others fail to appear in several plays.Some actors are just supporting actors and can still be popular, while others frequently play leading roles but never become popular.Including a male actor, height, acting are not bad, but is not popular, now has 31 years old, very anxious for his rhythm.He is liu Ruilin, a signed artist of Jia Hang Media.Liu Ruilin’s status in Jiaxing Media is not low, as one of the “four sons of Jiaxing”.The other three are Zhang Yunlong, Gao Weiguang and Zhang Binbin.The three of them are small famous, Zhang Yunlong with “Breaking through the Thorns brother” fame, Zhang Binbin with “Si Teng” hit, Gao Weiguang with “Three Lives three Times pillow book” successfully promoted to the power.Only Liu Ruilin is not fire up, almost luck meaning.As Yang Mi’s hand-picked artist, jia Hang media has resources for him.At the beginning, I had no experience, so I played in the hit TV series, such as Micro Times and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom.Then he took on major roles.Co-starred with Dilieba in “Fire as A Song” as the male number three.Dilieba was in the ascendancy at the time and there were many scenes with her in the play.Supposedly can earn a wave of heat, did not expect to be with the company’s male no. 2 Zhang Binbin covered the past.And with Yang Mi play, co-filming the eye of the Storm.Play interpretation of a run before running after the case, often with Yang Mi out to obtain clues.Such arrangement is good intentions, boss Yang Mi strives for lens intentionally for him, unapt pats over to be lost.Or the same, Liu Ruilin to the audience’s impression is not deep, the drama broadcast also broadcast over, for him and did not eat the benefits.With the company’s two hottest actresses before and after the play, Liu Ruilin’s treatment and results do not match, such a good waste of resources.Can not all blame Liu Ruilin, played well no one is the key, the opportunity is not realized.Jia Hang media to give the leading actor resources, still no effect since Yang Mi di li reba play with no effect, then directly as the leading actor.Liu rui Lin in a row to shoot two pure male drama, one is “Marie Claire”, another is “The other half of me and you”.In these two plays, Liu Ruilin as the sunshine handsome boy image, people set up a very spoonful pleasing, and the spark of the heroine is also ok.But after the line, direct attack street and no one.The direct reason is “Jiaxing gift package”, the role of the actors are jiaxing media signed small artists, no popular artists involved in who see?The street is inevitable!This is jia Line media holding Liu Ruilin’s mistake, clearly know that he has no popularity, you should let the famous actress belt, at least to ensure the basic disk flow.The possibility that the audience will not accept it is very big, after all, new people produced explosive drama this year is extremely rare.Now with Xiao Zhan Yang Yang play, Liu Ruilin can seize the opportunity to red?Last year, Liu Ruilin’s film and television resources come up a lot.Of course it’s not possible to play the male lead, but it’s ok to play the male number two, which doesn’t require him to earn network airplay.Liu Ruilin plays fengju, the male number four, in the large-scale ancient puppet drama “Try the World” starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi.There’s not a lot of screen time. Face brushing is not a problem.Mr Liu should be noticed as long as the heat is on.Sources say that the character is capable of being noticed by the audience.In the Sea of Dreams, starring Xiao Zhan, Liu Ruilin plays the second male role.With nowadays big hot especially the xiao war of fire cooperation, this free flow is very objective.Played the role of “Ye Guohua”, the play is destined to be not little, second only to the male number one Xiao Zhan.The value of liu Ruilin and Xiao Zhan Yang Yang’s cooperation is obvious, that is, through their heat, through the play with them, by the way to enhance their reputation, be noticed.Not tied together, but to see their performance at the same time, take a look at Liu Rui Lin.This opportunity is good, Xiao Zhan Yang Yang’s fans are countless, with light is not a problem.The jury is still out on whether it will be a hit.Because red is not red even see liu Ruilin’s role positioning, distinctive, enough to absorb powder, probability will be a few bigger.Also does not rule out the role of the red person is not red situation, after the end of the drama heat also dissipated.Liu Ruilin has not been red for many years, the opportunity before the same good, so also slightly muttered, dare not 100 percent sure.At the end, I wish Liu Ruilin good luck, you can play Xiao Zhan Yang Yang’s popularity.