Family trusts added nearly $13 billion in January, the biggest monthly increase in nearly a year

2022-05-19 0 By

On February 9, official data from China Trust Registration Co., LTD showed that in January 2022, the amount of new family trusts in the trust industry reached 12.899 billion yuan, up 33.54% from the previous month and hitting a new high in nearly a year.Letter pointed out that China, as the 2021 per capita GDP is close to the threshold of high-income countries, reached $12500, our country residents wealth management requirements in continuous improvement, combined with the industry to return to the origin, to speed up the transformation of multiple factors, such as family trusts as source characteristic of service have to accept the trust business, one of has become the important direction of the transformation of industry.In addition, in January, the industry increased the scale of public welfare (charitable) trust by 248 million yuan, 700% more than last month, mainly due to the creation of a single hundred-million-yuan charitable trust, “Citic Trust ·2021 Fangmei Education Charitable Trust”, with a scale of 201 million yuan.On the whole, 6,115 trust products were newly registered in the industry in January, up 54.73% from the previous month.The initial raised amount was 1.112.765 billion yuan, up 21.66% from the previous month.New trust scale and the number of products increased from last month.(Writing by Zhu Yingzi editing by Zeng Fang)