Social stability in Shaanxi continued during the Spring Festival

2022-05-19 0 By

The reporter understands from shaanxi province public security department today, during the lunar New Year holiday, the public security organs at all levels in shaanxi province all p mobilization, go all out to do a good job of the Spring Festival and the winter Olympics security stability, the province is not shift criminal case shift and road traffic accidents, the provincial society overall situation for the safe and stable, integrating ecology and the people in peace and harmony on festivals.Provincial Public Security Department party committee attaches great importance to the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympic Games security work, vice governor, provincial public Security Department Director Xu Datong held several meetings before the festival to arrange the deployment of security work, and on the 31st New Year’s Eve on the grass-roots front line inspection of security work, visit grassroots police, auxiliary police.From January 31 to February 6, Vice Governor Xu Datong supervised and inspected the province’s festival security work through the video dispatching system every day.Other department party committee members also stick to their posts, every day to study and judge security work scheduling, grasp the situation, pay attention to the implementation.Provincial public security organs at all levels of police, auxiliary police on the job in the state, give up small family, care for everyone, to ensure the implementation of various work measures, to ensure the overall stability of social security.During the Spring Festival, the provincial public security organ closely around the focus on the key parts and important public facilities and the scenic area, railway stations, airports, hospitals, shopping malls and other crowded places and spent police over more than 140000 person-time, patrol crews take more than 30000 trains, increase the rate of alarm rate, steward, effective deterrent to prevent all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, to strengthen social contradictions help solve disputes.At the same time, China will continue to do its best to prevent and control the epidemic on a regular basis, cooperate with health and epidemic prevention departments to strictly implement various measures to prevent imported cases and rebound at home, strictly control large-scale mass activities, and continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.In terms of public safety management, we will intensify safety supervision over the transport, sale and storage of fireworks and firecrackers, effectively do a good job in the safety management of venues for spontaneous mass festival activities, and strictly prevent the occurrence of safety accidents such as crowding, trampling, explosions and fires.Public security traffic administration at the focus of the expressway, national highway and city road, key vehicles, comprehensively strengthen the drunken driving drunk, bus and coach the overcrowding, fatigue driving, illegal manned key agricultural illegal investigation dynamics, dealt with drunken driving and drunk driving traffic violations since 600, the province has not occurred for a long time, long-distance traffic congestion, road traffic safety and orderly.