The world is changing as top scientists migrate to China

2022-05-19 0 By

It can’t be stopped!Scientific talents from all over the world are rushing to China.In the future, Chinese technology is expected to be on top of the world. What’s going on?Not long ago, Akira Fujijima, a Japanese national treasure, joined the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology full-time with his research team.The departure of Minnan Fukuda, the father of micro-nano robots coveted by developed countries around the world, to the Beijing Institute of Technology has put China far ahead in the field.Not to mention Daniel Bove, the father of AI voice, who turned down Facebook to join Xiaomi.David Brady, a professor at Duke University, led a team in China that developed a gigapixel camera, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue for skynet.In the past, beautiful countries were the first choice for these top experts. Why do they come to China to do their research now?In fact, As early as 2020, China had already surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest patent country, with a research budget of 2.4 trillion yuan and an annual growth rate of more than 7%.More importantly, China is the only country in the world that has the direction of basic scientific research in various fields, and has the most hard-working and diligent basic researchers in the world.Science and technology competition has always been a talent competition!The state spends a lot of money to create a good environment for the world’s top talent, which ultimately translates into an advantage in technological innovation.Although we started late, but we run fast, whether it is aviation, 5G or new energy, many countries have been far behind us, the future of China is unlimited, praise for our great motherland