Zhang Zifeng completely reverse attack!Into Prada princess finally no longer overturned, the latest blockbuster style A bomb

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Zhang Zifeng’s fashion career is now completely open hang reverse attack, from the beginning of wearing anything wrong, to now can easily control any style style of clothing, it seems that everything from the beginning of the love storm, after experiencing the storm, Zhang Zifeng seems to instantly mature up, more become a little princess Prada.In recent years, Zhang Zifeng appeared almost all by Prada, take her latest exposure of a set of large, full-body brand wear, let Zhang Zifeng fashion sense but a lot of handsome feeling.The girl also can highlight handsome feeling Zhang Zifeng although mature many, but whole person still contains apparent girl feeling, and such feeling and handsome style are united in union together, completely different visual effect magnified the window that whole dress takes instead and jing jing feels.In the past, when it comes to cool styling, we always think of all-black clothes, but in addition to the whole body black can show handsome aura, bright colors can also highlight the same effect.The most important reason why black can be very good to highlight the visual handsome feeling is that black itself has a sense of aura, so even if it is matched with the basic clothing, but also can highlight the handsome feeling of modeling.In addition to black, bright colors can also show the handsome effect of the model.In the past, when it comes to bright colors, in order to increase the good collocation and control of color matching, we always suggest that you choose low saturation and low brightness colors. But if you want to highlight the effect of handsome feeling, you should choose high brightness and high saturation colors.Zhang Zifeng’s big look this time has a lot of bright colors to wear, and her bright colors are what we call high brightness and high saturation colors.For such a color with a strong visual effect, in order to highlight the high-level sense of collocation and good wearability, we should choose bright color and basic color collocation, because it is to highlight the handsome sense of modeling, so for the choice of basic color, black is the first choice.However, in the whole body of color matching, black can both be used as an embellishment color and can also be used as the main color matching bright color: 01 black is the embellishment color large area of bright color matching black embellishment, will better amplify the visual effect of color matching, but we need to pay attention to the distribution of black and bright color clothing profile.Wear black with accessories that add a finishing touch, such as socks, shoes, hats and bags…For bright colors, it is best to choose a style with obvious silhouette and skin revealing design, which will make bright colors with high saturation easier to wear.02 black is the mass-tone attune such color way more wear a small white, some people for the collocation of color and aesthetic is not strong, but also want to try to wear bright color, then we can choose this way, the bright color and the dress together, loose black coat collocation, show only a fraction of the light,More can let the whole body wear take not easy to overturn the car.2. Low saturation colors can also be selected. It is not to say that low saturation colors cannot highlight the handsome feeling, but the visual effect will be relatively weaker than high saturation and high brightness colors.Low saturation color itself is both the characteristics of bright color and basic color, because adding white or gray to the color will make the bright color of the whole color relatively weak, so the visual effect is naturally much inferior to high saturation bright color.For the low saturation of the color, want to highlight the color gorgeous feeling, we do is to select and black collocation, because the two color is tonal belong to brunet attune, so also highlights the tonal collocation on the vision sense of balance, so the effect of the whole show is more advanced, so on the details of the color, not much we need to pay attention to details.You just need to pay attention to the black part should be embellished in the position of the top, the darker the more, the more can play to modify the effect of the figure.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!The text/smile