Peace and security is the best gift for this spring

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National peace and security, is dedicated to this spring the best gift of the national public security organs to do a good job during the Spring Festival security work Chinese knot, red lanterns;Ice dun dun, snow rong rong.Tigress dragon teng ying Ren Yin, congratulations to the future Winter Olympics.The lunar New Year holiday this year, the national security forces and the vast majority of auxiliary police work full of vigour, Benedict is not idle, resolutely put the people in the highest position in the heart, mind “head of the country”, the heart “lights”, fighting in the games day and night, Spring Festival security and epidemic prevention and control the first line, war snow, fight cold, resistance to disease, all-weather on standby BeiQin,With their own “hard index” to improve the social “safety index”, give up their “small family reunion” guard “reunion”.The traffic police Brigade of Yanhu Branch of Yuncheng City Public Security Bureau in Shanxi Province detailed measures to ensure the safety and order of road traffic during the Spring Festival holiday.Police work in yuncheng North Expressway in Yuncheng, southwest China’s Yunnan Province, Feb. 6, 2019.Ge Chong took the golden shield to guard the silver Olympic Spring Day, the Bird’s Nest night.When ice and Snow White and Chinese red “encounter”, the Olympic history engraved a unique Chinese mark.The Hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics is a great national and global event.The public security organs carry forward the “meticulous, delicate, extreme” style, think deeply about the work, to do in detail, to each link carefully carved, patiently polished, to ensure that the security of the Winter Olympics work tasks precise, fine implementation in place.You may have noticed that the traffic in the capital is orderly, but you do not know that every night, traffic police are inspecting the special lanes for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in important sections.You may see one stick after another torch relay smoothly, but you did not see the early morning on duty at the torch relay site of the public security police frozen red cheeks;You may have seen the wonderful competition of nearly 3,000 athletes from 91 countries and regions, but you do not know the contribution of the immigration police to ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control work at ports of entry during the Winter Olympics is foolproof.You may see the fireworks above the national Stadium in the night sky, but you do not know how many police in order to fireworks “absolute safety”, how much effort……Police officers guard fireworks during the rehearsal of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 22, 2019.From the “ice ribbon” to the “snow Dragon Tour”, from the Capital International Airport to the Winter Olympic Village, a touch of “police blue” shining the light of peace.The public security organs of Beijing and Hebei took the opportunity of escorting the Winter Olympics as an opportunity to coordinate the security work of the Spring Festival, the Winter Olympics and epidemic prevention and control, effectively maintaining the overall social stability.If the smell of New Year has color, it must be Chinese red!If stick to have color, it must be police blue!Safeguarding safety is an important duty of public security organs.Hubei Shiyan Wudang Mountain special Zone Public Security Bureau wudang mountain police station police Li Yuanhai 31 years in the police station on duty for the New Year, as a good Wudang “guardian”;Haikou Entry-exit Border Inspection Terminal Yangpu Border Inspection Station, a team of police Li Xingcong and his wife Li Lingling stick to their posts, “where the duty is, where is home”;The auxiliary police officers of the Equine Police Office of Kulamullek Police Station of Qiemo County Public Security Bureau in Xinjiang rode horses and lifted their whips in the pastoral area with an average altitude of 4,000 meters to protect the safety of the pastoral area.Railway public security organs have strengthened security checks on incoming passengers and their luggage, strengthened security checks on high-speed rail express, bags and scattered cargo express, and mixed cargo, and resolutely blocked up all kinds of unsafe factors under trains outside the station to build a solid security barrier.A police officer of The Tongrennan Railway Station in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China’s Guizhou Province, patrols the waiting room of the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway during the Spring Festival holiday in Southwest China’s Guizhou province, Feb. 5, 2019.The national public security organs adhere to the principle of protecting the soil, protecting the soil, and protecting the soil responsibly, realizing the responsibility in the heart, bearing the responsibility in the body, and carrying out the responsibility in the action. They focus on risk prevention and control, highlight the key work, and pay strict and detailed attention to the implementation of various measures to prevent risks, ensure security, protect stability, and promote development.The auxiliary police of the public security police across the country carry forward the fine style of not fearing fatigue and continuous combat, comprehensively strengthen social patrol and prevention and control, effectively raise the rate of police presence and management, enhance deterrence and deterrence, and protect the safety of the country and the people’s happy life with heart and affection.On New Year’s Eve in Shanghai, more than 50,000 police officers stuck to their posts and did their best to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of the city.On New Year’s Eve in Hangzhou, the police of the special squad of flow investigation and investigation in the command Center building of the Municipal Public Security Bureau continued to make efforts in the accurate and rapid assessment of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the precise and rapid deployment of prevention and control forces, and the efficient closed-loop control of all space-time and all factors to strengthen the defense line of epidemic prevention and control.People’s public security, peace is in!To melt the wind, frost, rain and snow in extreme weather, the public security police struggle hard battle;Epidemic attack, police life and death resistance;In front of the crime, the public security organs hit out.The busy police blue in the cold wind, the fluorescent yellow beating in the heavy snow.They are the snow in the determined figure, is the retrograde not retreat of the brave.In the face of the epidemic and the snow, “wind and snow can not blow against the cold” has become the confidence and belief of hangzhou public security to protect the city.Sichuan Ya ‘an, national road 108 line asbestos Liziping Meng Huo village, the snow, the ice paved the road, the police braving the wind and snow, to the old and children trapped in the car to send hot water, bread.Jiangxi public security organs immediately activated the emergency plan for rain, snow and freezing weather, combined with the actual situation of the area, actively respond to the maintenance of road safety and smooth.The police on duty have been working 24 hours a day to prevent and control the epidemic in Tianjin.February 6, Shaanxi Weinan city again ushered in heavy snow weather, Weinan City public Security Bureau traffic police detachment linwei brigade immediately started severe weather emergency plan.The picture shows police directing traffic through snow.Zhang liang was taken during the Spring Festival, local public security authorities to crack down on all kinds of prominent crime, in accordance with the “what what crime prominent against crime, where security in chaos will punish” the principle of organization in the light of local conditions to carry out to fight the action, increase the telecom network fraud and other new types of crime and cross-border gambling crime regulation,We will severely crack down on multiple crimes and serious crimes of violence, such as theft, robbery and fraud, pornography, gambling, and drug abuse, and food and drug trafficking, and resolutely crack down on criminals’ arrogance.In addition, local governments have strengthened safety supervision, mapping out the number of large-scale mass activities during the holiday period in advance, strengthening supervision, examination and guidance, and ensuring passenger transport security and maintaining public order at tourist attractions.Work with relevant departments to strengthen supervision over fireworks safety and severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities related to fireworks in accordance with the law.Thousands of lights on Christmas Eve, they are sticking to;When life and death were at stake, they were in charge.Peace and security, is the public security team to this spring the best gift!Source: People’s Public Security Daily