Red and orange storms: The Donbas war of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

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Author: Lonely cold first say two words, the first small lonely did not prepare to write Russian Ukraine this wave of conflict, mainly because this direction is basically mechanized heavy cluster fighting, the bullet mark is good at, small lonely or inclined to cannon bombing, caliber and charge on behalf of the truth.But bullet mark this year after a little bit of that what, no way, can not see the old red a busy death, small lonely had to drive duck shelves, with incomplete information to drive a article, if there is not a complete place, please criticize it.Second, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, is still largely in line with current predictive analysis to the old red team, and if nothing else, his little obscure one day in a group (can’t remember) analysis together with everybody, not dozen lies not in the Ukraine, waiting for what time out a huanggu tuen or forest stations events, in line with forecast.Without further ado, let’s take a look at why the storm is concentrated in the Donbass region.In July 2021, Vladimir Putin published a lengthy signed essay entitled “The Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians,” in which the central idea was to acknowledge that Ukraine’s situation at the time was the result of a series of mistakes made by two neighbors across a strip of water. (Not now, of course, but later.)However, the root cause of this situation is the constant sowing of discord between distant countries, which have long been good at divide and rule.If Ukraine’s political elite, made up of comedians, had read the article and taken some policy measures to ease the pressure, it might have stopped the slide towards war.But after centuries of accumulated hatred and artificial display, with incessant provocations from outside the region, can any single party put the brakes on the situation?Back exactly 300 years ago, the Donetsk Basin, ———— Donbas for short, was the site of the discovery of very large coal deposits, estimated by modern technology to contain at least 60 billion tons of coal and other minerals in an area of less than 70, 000 square kilometers.From this moment on, the fate of the Donbas region has been closely linked to the mega-mine.Since the founding of the Soviet Union, it has been a battleground for both the Red army and the White Army.During world War II, the coal mines in Donbas were a key word for Hitler’s command of Army Group Central to go south to Kiev. Even Stalin in Moscow kept talking about “the coal of Donbas.”In addition, Lenin regarded The Donbass coal mine as a key node to transform Ukraine into a backward agricultural country. Khrushchev, the “son of Kiev”, directly included Donbass, which originally belonged to Russia, into Ukraine’s administrative region, in order to improve the industrial proportion of Ukraine’s administrative region.The move not only donbass coal mine, the whole donbass radiative zone: with the core of donetsk – kharkov, has developed the electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, military industry of western industrial center of the Soviet union, occupies kharkov Ukraine, donetsk, lugansk three states, and Russia only occupies a state rostov.Back in 2014, Donetsk and Luhansk accounted for about a tenth of Ukraine’s land mass and 17 percent of its population, providing a third of the country’s coal and heavy industry.Donetsk and Luhansk account for more than 40% of Ukraine’s total exports, rising to more than 50% if the donbass region of Kharkiv is added broadly.The point is that such an area, although in Ukraine after independence, after decades to sanded bath area, by means of the immigrants to Ukraine were less than 10% from the original proportion rose to about 60%, the result is a tragedy, in the west of the poll, what are you ask the local ethnic russians, all the ethnic russians answer brother is Russian;Ask the local Ethnic Ukrainians, and 40 percent hesitantly say I am Ukrainian, while the rest proudly say I am Donbas.As we understand it, great efforts are needed to consolidate and integrate such a place where separatism is prevalent.Unfortunately, generations of Ukraine’s political elite have been unable or even unwilling to tackle the problem.Since Stalin era, Ukraine as a big European granary, has experienced several great famine events, no matter what time, with industrial and mining, out of the bath area in the Soviet union to survive under the support of the card, can keep the vast plains of Ukraine starvation in other areas is many, every time talking about the history of the tsarist era,The Ukrainians who hold the fertile land don’t look down on us miners.In Soviet times, we coal miners outranked the local farmers and got not reflection, but envy.”After the collapse of the Soviet union, industrial orders from Moscow and defense orders disappeared, Ukraine itself also gradually get their big military power, the lack of the Soviet union – Russia + Ukraine defence orders, even if Ukraine try their best to pull in the world to another order, but do not have enough to eat kharkov defense industry is still in the gradually shrinking,Industry across the Donbas region has also been affected.The younger generation of Donbas mostly chose to move to Russia’s Rostov region to earn a living rather than stay in Ukraine to earn a living for their fathers and brothers.The Donbas region has become Ukraine’s rust belt.In February 2014, Victoria Nuland, then assistant secretary of State for European Affairs, handed out American-made cookies to anti-Yanukovych demonstrators in The Orange Revolution on Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine.It marked the intensification of the Orange Storm and the full swing of the situation in Ukraine into Washington.To this day, there are still many people who believe that Victoria Nuland lied about her experience as an employee of the State Department’s Bureau of Russian Affairs when she was promoted to assistant secretary of state,In fact, Nuland had been promoted to deputy director of the bureau in 1997, a senior employee, so how could this experience have been concealed?Even a conspiracy theorists point to the jews and the illuminati members newland identity and her husband Robert kagan, senior membership of the council on foreign relations (the association of American foreign relations sponsored rothschild financial group) is one of the boss, think this is the jews, the illuminati, and rothschild family black-box Christian two sectarian civil war,Its purpose is to manipulate the trend of the world so that jewish financial groups can control the world…Okay, Well, Lonely has two things to say.First, as the third most powerful official in the State Department, ms Nuland’s visit to Kiev at the height of Ukraine’s orange revolution, and the ensuing further unrest, could you simply see this as an act of her own rather than the will of the state?Would it also be feasible for Shoigu to show up on Capitol Square in 2021 and hand out Russian brown bread to the tauren?Second, no matter what nationality or department Nuland speaks for, she will ultimately serve the United States and only the United States once she steps into a powerful position at the State Department.Modi had worked so hard to get Her Indian relatives back, and Harris merely smiled diplomatically, never saying in public: oh, I’m Indian, I want to give India an F-35.In fact, the conspiracy theorists are right about only one thing: there is much more to Ukraine’s internal divisions than Russia’s being stoked by forces from far across the Atlantic.In 1999, when the euro zone was thriving, a war over Kosovo split Yugoslavia and shattered the euro zone as well.Fifteen years later, the Franco-German-Russian triangle is all over each other, and the Marshall Plan, which cost a lot of money, is not going to let King Prussian pick peaches?For all the talk of returning to the Asia-pacific, Europe, which Washington regards as a western enclave, is their preserve.A bicommunal Ukraine is the best alternative to a monolithic Belarus.Lost donbass region and the Crimean peninsula narrowly can calculate a good Ukraine, Ukraine forced to begin to capture the Crimean peninsula show “robber” what Russia barely can calculate a good Russia, pieces have fall, Western Europe type restoring ancient ways in the powerful guards TanKeShi shivering before the muzzle, Washington M1A1 still is ensure the safety of Western Europe.That’s enough to make New York City go nuts.The fly in the wall is that Moscow understands the importance of the Donbas region to Kiev. With its energy, industry and academia, it is the heart of Kiev. Taking Crimea would at best take off Kiev’s coat.That is why Moscow has for the past eight years held out hope of reconciliation with Ukraine and even Western Europe.When Nord Stream 2 is completed in 2021, the energy-economic mix is back in full force, and Washington can’t stand it any longer.God save the Washington, d.c., 2021 east European plain good crop weather, Kiev reap a bumper harvest, coupled with the capital to the Dnieper river “mines” investment — – lost donetsk and lugansk industrial zone, atrophy of kharkov to one over ten before the war, the power consumption accounts for only 60% of 2014 levels, Odessa scar is not flat, the heavy industry lost 50% of Ukraine,Exports fell by a relative 30%.But in 2021, Ukraine boasts a higher GDP than in 2014, thanks largely to the mines.Therefore, at the end of 2021, Ukraine announced to shut down the Russian north gas south pipeline ———— to suffocate Russia with natural gas.As for Ukraine itself, it uses Russian gas shipped to Western Europe via Belarus and the Baltic Sea and back again, with prices rising 80 percent.Russia did not suffocate, but The Emperor frowned. Could this business be done?The tempest around Donbass, under intense pressure from The US and Russia, has finally erupted, only this time it is definitely not just donbass, and whether it finally stops is no longer up to the comedians to decide.