Thirty-two public institutions are planning to switch to a contract system, once and for all becoming a thing of the past

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In recent years, the examination heat of public institutions has increased, and the competition is more and more fierce.There is a saying among students that “the end of the universe is establishment”, and many graduates and workers have joined in the “war” of the examination for the establishment of a career.The students’ goal is simple: to get a stable job.At present, there are many positions in public institutions in China. Although civil service positions are more stable and more students apply for them, public institutions also have obvious advantages.Compared with civil servants, what are the advantages of public institutions?Many graduates think civil servants are good, just because civil servants have bigger promotion space and better welfare, but in fact, the salary of the staff of many public institutions is higher than that of civil servants, because they can take part-time jobs and start their own businesses openly.Civil servants are forbidden to work part-time, even if they drive didi and deliver food.Career personnel can engage in part-time jobs, but the treatment of the post is inconvenient, which means that graduates can enjoy the welfare benefits of the institution while doing some part-time jobs to earn extra money, so that the income of the institution can be diversified.Public institutions have less pressure.Every job needs to bear certain pressure, but compared with civil servants, career personnel feel much more relaxed, their workload is relatively small, career personnel also have more time and energy to take care of their families.In addition, public institutions are more flexible.Public institutions are divided into management posts, technical posts and work posts. As the work posts gradually disappear, most of them are management posts and technical posts. The personnel of the two posts can be exchanged, and public institutions can also be converted to civil servants.32 institution intends to contract, once and for all become history since last year, many institutions as the call, according to the social development, the business unit in a series of adjustment, one of the most notable is the position of the nature of change, some post promotion for civil servants, there are 32 career into a contract, this really is a few glad several sorrow.Business establishment to contract system, to a certain extent, indicates that the era of lazy career personnel will no longer exist.Salaries for the 32 positions will be based on ability and performance, with those who are not qualified for the positions likely to lose their jobs.For those who have strong ability, they will continue to enjoy a good salary. The stronger their ability, the higher their income, this is also a good thing, which is more fair and arouses the enthusiasm of the staff.It can be seen from the reform of public institutions that if you want to work in a position for a long time, you have to work seriously and improve your ability. It is definitely not good to “eat and be lazy”.How do college graduates prepare for the examination of institutions?Now it is more and more difficult for college students to get employment. If they want to break the inner volume, students should find more employment opportunities, improve their level and grasp every opportunity.Want to take an examination of the institution, seriously prepare for the examination, although it is also very “volume”, but there are a lot of opportunities, to see whether the graduates themselves can grasp.Graduates should grasp the advantages of this year’s students, do a systematic review.This year’s students have stronger learning ability, but also maintain the state of learning in the school, will be more relaxed than the graduates who have worked for a period of time in preparing for the exam, and, in the university campus review atmosphere is stronger, can give students a lot of concentration.So this year’s students will be easier to test high marks, the majority of students to grasp the opportunity to one-time ashore.Graduates prepare for the examination of institutions, to be scientific, remember not to brush blindly, it is best to master the knowledge point, remember the knowledge first, then do the questions, and record the wrong questions, to help repeat the review.Graduates want to apply for an examination of the institution, to prepare for the examination in advance, do not start to review, do not wait until the announcement to begin to prepare for the examination, then in a hurry, did not review good to take the exam, wasted an exam opportunity.Now many posts support students to enter for an examination, if the students missed the first exam, the next may be difficult to meet the right post, the difficulty of landing will greatly increase, so, the more this year’s students, will cherish this opportunity, prepare for the exam in advance, serious efforts is the hard truth.College students should make a good employment plan before graduation. If they want to apply for a public institution, they should prepare for the examination in advance. They should cherish their university time, enrich their university life, and pay attention to improving their personal ability and expanding their knowledge.# Knowledage Season # (pictures from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) Welcome everyone to pay attention to, like, in the comments section below your opinion!For more exciting content, come to the honey mother said education