150 thousand car purchase budget, how to choose a sports model?Consider two Chinese brands

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In the previous article 150,000 car purchase budget, how to choose a sports model?See five mainstream car joint venture, the first we introduced the level 5 now very popular compact sports models, including the Honda civic, Mazda, Sarah, Volkswagen golf, ford focus and buick lang, believe to be able to give many friends some advice on your car, in this article, we will focus on other compact 150000 yuan level level sports cars to supplement,Among them, it covers two Chinese brand models.Many people may not know, Hyundai in the field of racing is also very cheap, many car races are easy to see its figure, and even N series of sports models.Of course, it is almost impossible for N series sports models to enter China, but with a budget of 150,000 yuan, you can buy a car with certain driving pleasure — Hyundai Fiesta.Festa adopts a 1.6T turbocharged engine matched with a 7-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox. The maximum horsepower of the engine is 190ps for low power and 204ps for high power. The data is much better than other compact sports models.The current discount of Festa is not big, but with a purchase budget of 150,000 yuan, it is no problem to buy the top-matched model. Of course, only the top-matched model has the shifting function of steering wheel paddle.Volkswagen Lamando is also one of the compact sports models, and because of its three-compartment body structure, some car fans who cannot accept golf often choose it. Meanwhile, Lamando has won numerous awards in CTCC China Touring Car Championship for many years, which also leaves a deep impression on people.Of course, the new Lamando based on MQB EVO platform becomes Lamando L, with upgraded platform and upgraded space, which is a family and fun car.The new Lamando L uses a new design, which is very bold and derived from Volkswagen’s family design. The interior also adopts a dual-screen design, and the HIGH-END model has a HUD display. The power of Lamando L is still 1.4T turbocharged engine matched with 7-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox, and the maximum horsepower of the engine is 150ps.If you don’t want to wait for the new model, it is a good time to buy lamando from the discount rate of 40,000 yuan.Bring g – and g 03 manufacturers price 13.68 256800 yuan in 150000 yuan level of compact scale motion models, collar, 03 as a model of a high attention, it is interesting to note that it just listed in sales from the near month 4, 5000, now turned into a monthly average of nearly ten thousand units, a compact cover many joint ventures level movement models.After all, the LYNk 03 combines a high level of appearance, plenty of power and detail-conscious interior work, but it’s also a good choice from a family car perspective.Lynk 03 has a 1.5-ton turbocharged engine matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, which has a maximum horsepower of 180ps, but as it is a 3-cylinder structure, some friends must hesitate.Of course, there is a 2.0t turbocharged engine matching the power configuration of the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, and the maximum horsepower is increased to 190ps, which is quite recommended. Counting the landing discount, the purchase budget of 150,000 yuan won’t be a problem to win the 2022 2.0TD DCT Jinplus. If you don’t hurry to buy the car recently,We can even wait for the lynk 03 mid-range remodel.Compact sports models test the adjustment of power and chassis, the previous Chinese brand models often dare not set foot in, but with the continuous development of China’s automotive industry, not only lynk 03 such a combination of sports and luxury compact sports models,There are also high cost performance sports models like Yingbao — its entry-level model guide price is only 98,300 yuan, our preset purchase budget of 150,000 yuan has become 150,000 yuan, cost-effective indeed.The entire series uses a 1.5T turbocharged engine matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. The maximum horsepower of the engine is 177ps, and the official 0-100km/h acceleration speed is 6.95 seconds, which is comparable to many 2.0T models. Even the tires support an 18-inch Michelin PS4, which effectively improves the grip.It is worth mentioning that the shadow leopard J15 above models can have sport exhaust with variable valves, ignition can enjoy the exhaust sound like sports cars.When Honda Type grid was just born, it was called Quint Integra, which is the representative of Honda car manufacturing process, and then became an independent sports model. Times have changed. Now Integra is revived in China, and it has an official Chinese name “Type grid”.Of course, you all know that the relationship between the Model grid and the Civic is just like the relationship between the Thunder and the Corolla. Most of the two cars are the same. If the Model grid is modified, it will be almost the same as the modified Civic.Why choose the lattice?First, the Model has a six-speed manual transmission, not much for those who love pure driving pleasure most.But the point is that the price of civic is very strong, most of the region almost no concessions, but the model case has about 3000 yuan of concessions, cost-effective of course so some higher.If you want to start, 150 thousand yuan purchase budget we recommend the 2022 240TURBO CVT Magic Night · Technology edition.