“Celestial Sword 4” boot, Chen Zheyuan Ju Jingyi points to act the role of male and female leading roles, makeup photo exposure

2022-05-21 0 By

When it comes to Chinese Paladin, many people may be impressed. The TV series adapted from the game quickly captured a large number of fans once it was released.Starring Hu Ge, Liu Yifei, Yang Mi and others have also opened their careers to new heights with this drama.Recently, it was revealed that the Chinese Paladin 4 starring Ju Jingyi and Chen Zheyuan has been started, and the makeup photos of the two have been leaked.There have been a lot of rumors about the start of the show, but only this time has there been any real evidence.Maybe some netizens are not familiar with Chen Zheyuan, but he has been in many network dramas, and from Chen Zheyuan’s makeup photos, he is still a handsome and handsome ancient costume image, so he is more in line with the role image temperament.But his acting skills are still a question for many people.In fact, Ju Jingyi’s makeup photo is also a beauty in ancient costume, but her attire always reveals a sense of similarity, and her acting skills also make many people worry.Such two “new” actors as the male and female leading roles of the classic IP, not only let people look forward to the final effect, but also let people doubt whether it will “destroy the classic”.But since the producers are willing to believe in the actors and take on such a classic show, they should be supported and encouraged.What do you think of Chen Zheyuan ju Jingyi as the leading role in Chinese Paladin 4?What do you think they’ll end up with