F35 with advanced US technology dropped in south China Sea!If China picks it up, Biden will flip the table

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In addition to the Beijing Winter Olympics and the situation in Ukraine, the U.S. F-35 fighter jet has been the main story in the news media recently.The F-35, which was originally attached to the 147th Carrier Strike Fighter Squadron of the 2ND Carrier Wing of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, dropped into the South China Sea.Equipped with highly sensitive sensors and good stealth capabilities, the fighter is capable of catapulting into the air, making it the only aircraft currently used by the U.S. Navy to catapult into the air.The U.S. considers Russia, Iran, and China as its three main enemies, and the plane landed in the South China Sea, making it easy for China to seize it.The U.S. military did not disclose details of the crash because it contains much of the most advanced U.S. military technology, and the U.S. thought that if the plane was picked up by China, it would cause a serious leak and help the development of China’s military technology.What is known is that the pilot is safe and seven crew members were injured.The U.S. military has not announced specific plans for the salvage operation, which could take up to four months.But the AMERICANS are very anxious because in their view, China may be interested in the plane, and once this technologically advanced plane is acquired by China, it’s a safe bet that Biden will flip the table.Given that the United States is so worried about China acquiring the F-35C, whether the United States would blow up the F-35C, using explosives or torpedoes, for example, would be of little significance, experts in Singapore said, because even if a piece of debris were retrieved, it might yield important military information.Of course, whether and how China will take any action is a matter of speculation in the US.In fact, the F-35 series has been very uncomfortable since it entered service.In October 2021, an F-35B fighter jet used by the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth crashed in the Mediterranean Sea. The pilot also survived the crash.In April 2019, an F35A used by Japan also crashed into the sea. It was detected to have fallen 1,500 meters into the sea. The plane was not recovered.To ally the United States has been showing off F – 35 series aircraft ability, hope that through a lot of sales 35 fighter F -, F – 35 aircraft accident often leads to the us arms sales, it is hard to let more countries 35 fighter F – long-term believe the United States is the world’s most excellent fighter, it’s likely that this aircraft technical shortcomings,Otherwise, it would not have caused the accident of ABC three.There is no rule out that the f-35 crash was caused by human causes, because the MANAGEMENT of the US military is indeed lax, and the lack of discipline in the military is often in the news.If the f-35C was deployed to make trouble for China, which is hosting the Winter Olympics, then the crash means the U.S. mission failed.The US should stop sending warships and planes to show its force around the world, which will threaten other countries’ security as well as its own.Submarines hitting unidentified objects and F-35 fighter jets falling into the water are all warnings to the US not to exercise jurisdiction and take care of its own problems first.There are too many problems in the US right now, and the pandemic alone can overwhelm the US government.With tens of millions of confirmed cases bringing the U.S. health care system to a standstill, vaccination efforts have struggled and anti-vaccine demonstrations have been frequent.If the US government continues to disregard human life and fails to address these issues, the US is afraid that it will fight one of its own against another.The domestic problems in the United States show that the United States is contemptuous of human rights. In fact, the United States has always paid little attention to human rights issues, and even made indiscriminate accusations against other countries’ human rights problems, even jeopardizing the human rights of other countries.Nothing illustrates this better than a recent scandal involving American troops.When the United States was fighting the Islamic State, it bombed the Syrian dam, the largest in The country. If the dam burst, countless Syrians would be killed.What is more unexpected is that when Syria sent three technicians to the accident site for repair, they were bombed by the aircraft of the United States and other Western countries. The Attitude of the United States towards life can be described as apathy.Disclaimer: original content, picture material from the network, such as infringement, please contact to delete.For more, check out The Atomic City