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Time flies, 2021 has quietly gone. What are your unfulfilled wishes in 2021? What are the interesting, memorable, happy things and what are the regrets that you can’t let go……The year of the Tiger 2022 is approaching the Spring Festival family reunion day in the warm and strong atmosphere what makes you move, unforgettable, let you laugh……Looking forward to 2022, tell your wish list. Share some interesting things during the Spring Festival.Friends in: the cover of the qinling Mountains after the New Year’s Eve dinner the whole family together, “come, everyone eyes look at the phone lens.All right, everybody smile.”With the sound of “click” and the sound of shutter, we use family photos to frame the moment of family reunion, so that the warm memories of reunion will last for a long time in the New Year.Family photo is a kind of special existence, which carries memory, freezes time, condenses family affection, and condenses the changes of family.In my childhood memories, Spring Festival is the most anticipated day of the year.Year of noon, a large family is surrounded sit together, eat the delicious meal, after dinner, mom put up to our siblings, do a few new clothes, dad will take us to stick couplets, and then give us New Year’s money, and each one a different shapes of lanterns and firecrackers, we wear mom’s new clothes, holding lanterns, dad do happy shooting to play in the yard.Year after year, day after day, eventually became the breadwinner of a family.It is a year of Spring Festival, looking at the children around the old carefree playing firecrackers, wearing new clothes, face with a smile……Perhaps, in the adult world, Spring Festival is more about remembering the past!Industrious Statetownsman The years have been very happy in my family.There is not only the warmth of a family, but also the intimacy of gifts and gifts from neighbors.Rural festivals, in our here, wine and love is particularly important, indispensable.In the evening of the New Year’s Eve dinner, every family will go neighborhood visit, drink a few cups of wine secreting fragrance, knock knock melon seeds.That is the smell of the human feeling.That night, “noisy” sound!But now, in my father’s wine-filled words, it seemed lighter than usual.Downstairs seemed quieter, and the lights on the upstairs opposite were no longer on, and the “noise” had disappeared.Occasionally can vaguely hear upstairs a few old people talk, imagine children in the city life……Many people think the flavor of the New Year is weak!In fact, as we mature, there is more pressure on us and more responsibility on our shoulders.In contrast, no matter when, the Spring Festival for children, is always happy, happy, is looking forward to day after day.In the adult world, the flavor of the year is weak, but there is hope in the deep eyes, which is a good look forward to the New Year.Liyou 23374505 Veteran’s town red lights hung everywhere, the strong New Year atmosphere, blowing in my face, reminds me of the good times in my childhood.Everyone has their own story, and everyone’s year is different.Only feel the strong flavor of the Year of the Tiger, this moment all adults temporarily put down the responsibility of the shoulders, recall the beautiful childhood, such memories, is a kind of comfort for adults.Come on, 2022, everything will be better.In friend: Shangling adopt fairy zhi years, is a family sit together to eat a reunion dinner!Years!It is the lingering memory and expectation of every Chinese, and family and year are closely linked together.The memory of “home” in the heart of Chinese people lingers in everyone’s heart during the Spring Festival, and those cares will cross the mountains and seas to get together.From then on all met huan Xi, eye tail hidden smile, ear fireworks long Ming..From now on, to the tenth day of the lunar New Year (February 10), Huashang Daily – Shangluo two sanli information platform solicitation | my year.Subject: 1, Time flies, 2021 has left, in 2021 happened a lot of things, interesting, unforgettable……Or a little regret, or a wish fulfilled…Look back at 2021, tell your story, look forward to 2022, name your bucket list…2. The Lunar New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people. In the warm and strong atmosphere of family reunion, what things move you, unforgettable and make you laugh?Share the year of the Tiger with others by sharing the fun of the festive season.Release requirements: 1, the theme is not limited, closely review 2021 yearning 2022 theme.2. About 2 minutes of video shooting, mobile phone horizontal screen.The text should be accompanied by pictures.3, release method: in the mobile application market, download two or three miles of information, mobile phone number registration login (fill in the invitation code: 30752311), in the options around, find the topic | my year 4, excellent works, can add two or three miles of Shangluo small Secretary (ESLSLXMS) by the official platform packaging and release.5. Email Editor Xue Chuangyu