Happiness is the most beautiful because of your struggle

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China’s original gymnast Sang LAN, its biggest wish is to be able to basic self-care life, specifically, is to be able to relieve themselves, their own turn over……That makes the whole world sad for the bright smile, is Sang LAN;And what she wanted most now was to feel pain in her feet.Her happiness blueprint is so simple for you and me, but for them, it is out of reach.Happiness is not how big your house is, but how sweet the laughter in the room is;Happiness is not you drive more luxurious car, but you drive the car safely home;Happiness is not how beautiful your lover is, but how bright your lover’s smile;Happiness is not in your success when the applause is more enthusiastic, but frustrated when a voice said to you: friends don’t fall!Happiness is not how many sweet words you have heard, but when you cry someone said to you: nothing, I am in.Struggle happiness is the most beautiful!If you are thirsty, water is heaven;If you are tired, bed is heaven;If you fail, success is heaven;If you suffer, happiness is paradise.If you are alone, love is heaven.If you’re trapped, heaven is far away.Without one, there can be no other.Heaven is the end of hell, and hell is the corridor of heaven.The loser has gone through 99, the winner has only gone through one.The happiness of abandoned children is the warm lamp in the home;And prince’s happiness, may be the bowl of dumplings in the street.People are born, environment, qualifications, looks, physical strength, character and other different, destined to different life.Struggle of youth is a colorful picture scroll, not because of gains and losses, respectively;Only inner peace will accompany you through life;Only inner equality nourishes your continuous bodhi;The pursuit of happiness, will quietly blossom and bear fruit;Abandon impetuous, can give weight to the heart loose;Keep quiet, don’t lose yourself in vanity.Ninety thousand li Fengpeng is lifting, lifting up ambition;One hundred years of haodanghe, swing chest born haozhi.See the light, not the heart of evil;See progress instead of complaining about degeneration.The road of life is very long, the future is as bright as the stars of the sea, there is no need to hesitate in the past half acre pool, those so-called regret, may be a kind of growth, those who have suffered injuries, will eventually turn into light up the road ahead.Ninety thousand li Fengpeng is lifting, lifting up ambition;.We hope that the accumulation of moments will not flow and the gifts of time will not be wasted, but gather the strength of submergence on the riverbed of time, so that we can grow with The Times and society in the sun.I know which tree my happiness lies in.Only know how to tailor their own happiness, will truly understand life, understand life, find the real happiness.Happiness is the most beautiful because of your struggle!