How big is the gas tank of Lingpi

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The Ling PI has a tank capacity of 47 litres.Lingpai is the strategic intermediate car of Guangqi Honda, which has become the second pillar brand after Accord.Guangqi Honda is a mainstream compact car designed for the all-round needs of post-80s consumers.It is the dream mid-level car of the post-80s generation.Ling school designs combine modern power aesthetics with elements of the ancient Chinese totem “dragon”.Its noble, atmospheric and even ambitious design style, extremely impact, perfectly fit the Aesthetic of Chinese consumers, is a tailored product for Chinese consumers.The rear trunk cover is upturned, which looks very sharp visually. The taillight group is spliced, and the stretching of the guard plate in the central area increases a certain continuity. The frame of the bottom decorative strip is decorated with black guard plate, which is very fashionable.The interior design of Ling School gives a feeling of simplicity.The new car also features Honda’s latest three-frame multi-function steering wheel, which gives people a sense of power when driving.All the above central control adopts soft plastic material, which greatly improves the grade sense of the vehicle.The 8.0-inch display screen of the central console is simple in design but fully functional.The front row is also equipped with automatic air conditioning control system, the freedom to adjust the most comfortable space atmosphere.Lingpai is equipped with a 1.5 engine with a maximum output power of 80kW and a maximum torque of 134Nm.Must bring unforgettable control charm.