Ministry of Transport: make good use of financial support policies to promote high-quality development of highway transportation

2022-05-21 0 By

According to the “Ministry of Transport” wechat public account news, On February 15, The Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng presided over a ministerial meeting, conveyed the relevant spirit of the study of the central government, the study of good financial support policies to promote the high-quality development of highway traffic work,We deliberated the Measures for the Administration of Multi-Modal Transport Demonstration Project (Interim), The Measures for the Administration of Urban Green Freight Transport Distribution Demonstration Project, the Measures for the Establishment of Demonstration Counties for the Integration of urban and rural Transport, and the Measures for the Administration of National Public Transport Demonstration Project, and studied the reduction and integration of port charges.The meeting stressed that making good use of financial support policies to promote high-quality development of highway transportation is a concrete measure to implement the work arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on stabilizing growth, and an important part of innovating transport investment and financing mechanisms and strengthening debt risk prevention and control.We will continue to deepen reform of transport investment and financing, and accelerate the improvement of an investment and financing mechanism featuring government-led, multi-level responsibility, diversified financing, and controllable risks.It is necessary to guide local transportation departments to reserve projects well, improve the quality of preparing project feasibility study reports, and lay a good foundation for financial institutions to evaluate project credit.Local governments should be further guided to innovate and improve market-based financing models for highway construction and maintenance, expand the road derivatives economy, and constantly enhance the sustainable development capacity of highway projects.The meeting pointed out that since the establishment of multimodal transport demonstration projects in 2015, a total of 70 demonstration projects have been identified in three batches, which has accumulated useful experience and played an important leading and demonstration role in promoting the high-quality development of multimodal transport.We will further improve the standard management of demonstration projects, thoroughly study and apply models such as the single-order system, the one-invoice system, and the one-box system, strengthen integrated construction and information sharing, improve the quality and scope of demonstration projects, speed up the development of a modern comprehensive transportation system, and further reduce costs and increase efficiency of logistics.The meeting called for continuous improvement of the quality and level of urban green freight distribution demonstration projects, further improvement of urban freight distribution infrastructure and rules, and the construction of an “intensive, efficient, green and intelligent” urban freight distribution service system to provide strong support for the green and low-carbon development of transport.Meeting requirements, give full play to the integration of urban and rural traffic model created by leading leading role, for a long time to work, continue to promote urban and rural infrastructure facilities, urban and rural passenger transport service, urban and rural integration development, freight and logistics services to consolidate development crucial achievements, promoting rural development and poverty speed up the agricultural modernization provides a more powerful support.Meeting requirements, continuously improve the system of urban public transport policy system, strengthen service supply ability and the precision, adhere to the government leading, departments, coordination, public participation, the principle of the construction of the people’s satisfaction, and further promote the “difference” bus urban construction phase, led by demonstration project, improve urban public transport service level,We will make public transport the first choice for people to travel.The meeting pointed out that the reduction of port charges and targeted reduction of pilotage fees in coastal ports are important measures to implement the deployment of the Executive meeting of The State Council and ensure the stability of the six major projects.Local transportation departments should be guided to strengthen supervision and inspection, focus on strengthening port operation market supervision, and further standardize port operation behavior and charging behavior.It is also necessary to improve the efficiency of pilotage services, coordinate epidemic prevention and control, ensure access to ports and other high-risk posts, and continue to optimize the business environment at ports.