The lion cub seeks its mother

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Once upon a time, a lion cub became separated from its mother while out hunting.Unable to see his mother, the little lion was very worried. He called out: “Dear mother, where are you?Will you get out of here?Please don’t leave me.”Although the cub searched everywhere, there was no sign of its mother.The little lion encountered many difficulties and setbacks on his way to find his mother, but he was unwilling to give up.The little lion still kept looking for the road and traces left by her mother.When he was hungry, he would go to the prairie and hunt like his mother. When he was tired, he would lie on the grass and rest quietly.One day, on his way to find his mother, the cub met an aunt and uncle of the lion family.”What are you up to, son?Where on earth are you going?””Asked my aunt and uncle.The little lion replied: “Dear aunt and uncle, I accidentally lost my mother.I had been looking for my mother for a long time, but she was nowhere to be found.I thought, now I must learn to be independent, I must learn to live alone in the world.”& # 39;Oh, my poor child, you are so young, you are so lonely in the world all by yourself.Come and live with us, if you like.””Said my aunt and uncle.So, the little lion and his uncle and aunt went back to the family, now the little lion is no longer alone in the face of the world, he has a lot of lovely partners, they will play happily together every day.One day, the little lion was playing happily with his friends on the grassland as usual. A small tree saw him.The little tree looked at the lion and said, “Dear little elf, although you are happy now, you will grow up and get old. If you continue to play like this, I am afraid you will have a mediocre life.Is this how you want your life to be?Don’t you want to be the lion king, galloping on the vast prairie?I think it’s time you learned something.””Sweet little tree, I am so glad you can say that to me and thank you for waking me up. I know what I have to do.””Said the little lion.After listening to the little tree, the little lion thought of his mother again and thought to himself, “If my mother sees me now, I’m afraid she won’t be happy. I don’t want that to happen!I’m afraid that only if I put my heart into learning skills, mother will come back to me.”So, the little lion got up very early every day, and kept practicing running, jumping and other skills on the grassland.In a few years, the little lion learned a lot of skills, and gradually grew into a very powerful lion.One day, he saw a few lions on the prairie fighting for the title of lion king, the little lion secretly thought: “I would rather have a try, I think I will not be worse than them.”In the process of the game, the little lion with their own wisdom and courage, defeated the other male lions, and finally became the lion king.Although the little lion is now the lion king, he still did not forget his mother, he set foot on the journey to find his mother.As the days passed, he finally found his mother.See his mother, the little lion said excitedly: “Dear mother, I finally found you, now I have been the lion king.You must be happy to hear that. Let’s go home!Since then, the little lion and his mother have lived happily ever after, and have never been apart.