This week is one side of the institutional leaders frequently burst thunder, while five shares of the board rose more than 61%

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Side this week is agency bosses frequently ray, such as net 40 billion grant fund may be redeemed, private-equity bosses but bin’s super below 50 product line 6 products “resolution”, billions private Shanghai HeFu hit its product line, “the elder brother of the public offering a” Ren Zesong before its January 8 products fell more than 20%,A shares gaotai ski 4000 down but there are also many shares five even board up more than 61% digital currency, assembly building the most strong!On February 10, a rumor pointed at Gulen, saying that large insurance funds, financial subsidiaries and FOF accounts have redeemed 40 billion yuan of Gulen’s products, mainly for new energy, among which Ningde Times has the highest redemption.To this end, the Central European fund responded that the network spread “large redemption” is not real news, do not believe rumors.However, the adjustment of the bin market makes the performance of private equity giants suffered “Waterloo”.However, Bin could not escape the damage of this wave of decline, its total net value of more than 50 products fell below the warning line of 0.8 yuan, the net value of 6 products fell below the traditional stop loss line of 0.7 yuan.The net value of 0.8 yuan is the warning line of most private fund products, 0.7 yuan is the liquidation line of most private fund products.Have your products fallen below the warning line?On February 11, 10 billion private Equity Shanghai HeFU investment issued A notice to investors and consignment agencies, said its HeFU flexible hedge no. 9 A private equity securities investment fund in February 10, the unit net value of 0.8774 yuan, has been lower than the warning line 0.88 yuan, hit the warning.For Ren Zesong, the former “one elder brother of public offering”, the total 8 products of Shanghai Jiyuan Asset, which he joined after “running for private”, fell by more than 20% in January, among which jiyuan-Xiangrui no. 1 lost the most, up to 29.53%.# Ren zesong’s eight products fell more than 20% in January # And this is not just an isolated case.More than 1000 private equity products below the warning line nearly nine billion private performance negative.According to the latest data of Private Equity Blou Net, as of the latest, there have been more than 1000 private equity products net value fell below the traditional warning line of 0.8 yuan, among which, there are 123 private equity products of 10 billion yuan.The latest data shows that the net value of more than 1000 private equity products has fallen below the traditional warning line of 0.8 yuan.So who’s to blame for the decline?Obviously, A shares.A share tiger year adjustment is relatively large, especially last year’s various MAO, A variety of masters in the first two years of the subdivision of the track to play crazy.Make a killing…In fact, there is a recognition in the investment community that the so-called value, the so-called growth…Ignoring the high risk.Very obviously, these big guys become the focus of discussion, because it is in high position did not adjust the position in time, exchange ideas.And these are exactly the lessons that these big guys should take up, but they are blankly unaware of it, and have today’s results.As I mentioned at the beginning of last year, the price of the major stock index is dead. This is the macro judgment. Many people believe that macro judgment is fundamental.And that kind of thinking has almost taken over the mainstream media.That’s why there are so many big shots today.At the same time, I also mentioned in this article in the year of the Tiger A shares, institutions are difficult.It is really difficult to watch now. In my opinion, their thinking will not change, and they did not know that the market will adjust so, so they got into such an embarrassing situation.I in January 13, the gem mentioned overall adjustment, and the weight of blue chip bullish, look at the real estate plate now, banking, securities, insurance, oil, plate index overall up.If there is such an understanding, institutions to transfer blue chip positions, would not be like this.In 2022, institutions will have big funds. If they choose the blue chips mentioned above, they will not only not lose money, but also make profits. They will be among the top in the institutional ranking.And as retail will tell, need not choose big blue chip, relatively simpler.That is to do inflation.In this article take hold of the year of the tiger A shares in specific to do before the description of the Asian photoelectric and Fucheng shares, respectively is 5 days 5 board and 4 days 4 board, the purpose of doing this monster is to get on the car, fast speed.Yashi Optoelectronics has eaten three boards, while Fucheng shares have eaten less than two boards, so we must do the one that rises.These stocks are rising quickly, adjust up.Rise to follow up, adjust to avoid, is the law of retail investors.This week, three hot topics.I. Digital currency;2. Construction;3. Olympic Games.The People’s Bank of China, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the “14th Five-year Development Plan for Financial Standardization”, which mentioned that it will steadily promote the development of legal digital currency standards.Immediately detonated the digital currency plate rise!Plate, Hengbao shares (002104) full week limit up 61%!Jincai Internet (002530), xiongdi technology (300546) rose more than 50%, the three are on the list, the plate continues to be strong!In addition, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued the “14th Five-year” construction industry development plan, put forward to 2025, the proportion of prefabricated buildings accounted for more than 30% of new buildings, and under the guidance of the policy, the steady growth of affordable housing also allows prefabricated buildings to benefit greatly!Plate this week is unusually strong, including Zhejiang Construction 5 even board up 61%, Chongqing Construction engineering (600939), Hualan Group (301027) up more than 50%, are on the bull list.Today is more by the social finance data exceed the expected impact, have set off a trading tide, the plate is expected to lead infrastructure continued to rise!Also note that the concept of ice pier pier is the only A-share company, Yuan-long Yatu five even board strong word, the new shares Huitong Group again open A new market, again five even board!Civil explosion concept Poly Union favored by funds, continue to be strong!Among the three themes, architecture was chosen as the first to break out.For this topic in the a-share direction of the article set A large length of elaboration, but we chose Chongqing Construction Engineering, five days this week, the increase of more than 50%, and we got almost 40% in four days, this is the survival of retail investors, rapid rise, is our major food, after the wind and rain, quietly leave the market, without A trace of nostalgia.The stock market is like this, the demon stock is even more so.From the beginning of Yasi optoelectronics, to the present is only a month, three stocks, Yasi optoelectronics more than 30%, full position, Fucheng shares 18%, half position.Chongqing Construction engineering half warehouse 36%.The closing date on Friday was Feb. 11, a Chinese New Year break.In less than a month.You do the math.​​​