Zhao Lijian: Where are the “human rights” of American children and how do we talk about “freedom”?

2022-05-21 0 By

China Youth Daily Client Beijing, March 16 (China Youth Daily · China Youth network reporter Ma Ziqian) “We often say that children are the flowers of the motherland, should grow up healthily under the care of sunshine and rain.Looking at these children whose rights have been violated in the United States, one cannot help but ask, where are the ‘human rights’ of American children?What about the ‘freedom’ of American children?At today’s regular press briefing at China’s Foreign Ministry, spokesman Zhao Lijian said.On March 15, the representative of China spoke at the dialogue with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on violence against children at the 49th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, expressing concern over the violation of children’s rights by the United States.Zhao Lijian said that the long-standing violation of children’s rights in the United States is distressing and worrying.Zhao lijian pointed to statistics showing that the NUMBER of illegal immigrant children imprisoned by the US government was as high as 45,000 in 2021.Of the 266,000 immigrant children detained in the US in recent years, 25,000 have been held in detention for more than 100 days. The internal management of detention facilities is chaotic, abuse, forced labor and other human rights violations occur frequently, and the children in custody suffer severe physical and mental trauma.More distressing, the U.S. government forced immigrant children to be held separately from their parents, resulting in the separation of a large number of immigrant families, and many children have yet to find their parents.Zhao lijian further said that in addition, guns are rampant in the United States and school shootings occur frequently, with a large number of children becoming victims.Studies show that the number of gun violence cases in the US has increased by more than 30 percent during the pandemic, and the number of shot children admitted to hospitals has soared.Of the 44,750 people killed by gun violence in 2021, 1,533 were teenagers and children under the age of 17;A total of 40,359 people were injured in gun violence, including 4,107 youth and children under the age of 17.Source: China Youth Daily client