Lantern Festival is coming, no matter whether you have money or not, remember to stock up on these 5 delicious food, not expensive and healthy

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Lantern Festival will come, no matter rich have no money, the five kinds of remember many hoarding food, delicious not expensive also health Lantern Festival soon, this is the first after the Spring Festival grand festival, once again, the festive atmosphere to a climax, but whether it’s friends, or family reunion, always little not the topic, “eat” as “eat, drink, and be merry”, “chating at”, etc.It’s all about eating.This year’s Lantern Festival, have you prepared any festive food in advance?If not, here are five delicious foods that are not only beautiful but also healthy and well worth hoarding.Lantern Festival everyone must eat dumplings, my favorite is sesame flavor, every time to eat a big bowl is not satisfactory, and then cook again afraid of trouble, so on the other prepared some black sesame balls.It’s different, but it’s delicious, and you can eat it anytime, so it’s very convenient, and it comes in its own packaging, so you can take a few with you when you go out.The black sesame I eat is very simple, only black sesame and honey ingredients, no other additives, relatively healthy.Sesame seeds are not broken, you can see the whole grains, it is very sweet after chewing, the taste is soft and waxy, the sweetness is just right, it is really aimed at my taste, you can also try.Sweet and sour taste has captured the appetite of people of all ages. It can be said that it is a “popular food”. The delicious sour and sweet feeling can stimulate your taste buds and sensory nerves, and feel refreshed and comfortable after eating.Mulberry fruit sticks are made from the well-known hawthorn and mulberry, which have a certain appetizing effect. White granulated sugar is added to increase sweetness and reduce acidity.Its appearance is neat long strip, sharp angles, if not a bite down, always want to bite into a cube, while eating to find their own fun, delicious and fun.Friends get together and eat a variety of food so that it can meet the needs of different people.At this time must not forget to prepare the assorted crisp, it has a total of 8 different flavors of dried fruit and vegetable, winter melon, purple potato, yellow peach, green bean and so on, sweet, salty, fragrant, you choose.The trail mix is made with fresh fruits and vegetables, so it is very green and healthy, and it looks more vivid and appetising when dehydrated.Each piece is dry, crisp and delicious, a group of people eat together, crunch, bang, bang, special joy, if the Lantern Festival party must be arranged.Everyone must have eaten dates and walnuts. I prefer to eat dates because they are sweet, while walnuts are fragrant but tasteless.May be a lot of people have this kind of situation, someone will be whimsical thinking of the two collocation together, unexpectedly inexplicable delicious, I love the first time to eat.Jujube and walnut can be said to achieve each other, the sweetness of jujube and the aroma of walnut, the two flavors blend together, delicious and wonderful.The jujube meat is soft, the walnut is crisp, the combination of soft and hard, the taste is very rich, and then sprinkled on the outside of a layer of sesame seeds, add more aroma.Plus, it’s a nutritious snack that’s well worth sharing.Finally, this delicious food named seven degrees Fang Yiyan cake, can become beautiful food oh, such as red beans, peanuts, rose and other food to help the beauty of the inside, the face of the partners can eat often, adhere to a period of time after the skin will become ruddy.But as a delicacy, its taste can’t be ignored.When you first eat it, you can smell the faint rose fragrance, and you can taste its sweetness in your mouth. When you chew carefully, you can also feel the taste of the ingredients themselves, which is sweet and soft and delicate. Each piece is full of energy, which not only satisfies the needs of the taste buds, but also improves the color and makes your face like peach blossom during the Lantern Festival.That’s all for today’s introduction. If you have any delicious food you want to try, go ahead and share it with your family and friends for a happy Lantern Festival.