One plus 10T configuration plus code, 5200mAh+88W fast charge, Liu Zuohu does not speak martial morality

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The first quarter of this year is the period of the release of new phones, all the major brands have new phones warm up, in addition to Miui OV, Huawei, Samsung, and even Apple will release the new iPhone SE series in spring, OnePlus released its flagship in January, onePlus 10 series, and now it is actively preparing onePlus 10T.Positioning is second only to the one plus 10 flagship.One plus the mobile phone brand has been incorporated into the OPPO, open the first year is also a plus, under one plus 10 series configuration in general is good, belong to the standard of conventional flagship, no short board, strengthened the camera part, since one plus nine series and hasselblad images reached cooperation, after one plus image flagship of the flagship also belong to take shots.However, the pursuit of performance has not changed. The Oneplus 10 has even passed the rigorous game test and has been certified as a match machine of the Peace Elite Professional League. The performance that can convince professional players is certainly not bad.OPPO and Vivo this pair of enemies in taste is also surprisingly consistent, Vivo got the league of Legends official game development machine, for the current trend of young people, blue and green factory is true to grasp very accurate.However, OnePlus 10T is still a small flagship with strong performance. The processor is powered by Snapdragon 8, and the memory is LPDDR5+UFS3.1, which is the fastest in the industry at present. Starting from 8GB of operating memory, it has high fluency.In addition to system optimization and special technology support, the performance of the game is further improved. Compared with the comprehensive One-Plus 10, one-Plus 10T is a lot of configuration on the performance. Compared with the One-Plus 10 series, the one-Plus 10T image capacity is weakened, and SONY IMX 798 with 48 million yuan and Samsung JN1 with 50 million yuan are not used.But the main camera is still 50 megapixel SONY sensor, a 13 megapixel ultra wide Angle +8 megapixel telephoto.Although not a plus 10Pro so strong, but also enough, daily use to clap beautiful scenery food record life effect is still very good.In addition to the super game performance, the OnePlus 10T also strengthens the battery capacity of the mobile phone. It is reported that the onePlus 10T has a battery capacity of 5200mAh and supports 88W wired fast charging. Compared with the OnePlus 10Pro, the battery is a little bit larger, so the power lasts long in daily use.Moreover, 5200mAh battery belongs to the large battery in the mobile phone, except ROG and Redmi Note 9 have 6000mAh battery, more than 5000mAh battery is considered to be very large.In general, The OnePlus 10T is a sub-flagship focusing on mobile phone performance. Although the camera configuration is not as high as the OnePlus 10Pro, the price is cheaper, suitable for young people who like playing games and have requirements on mobile phone battery.The oneplus 10Pro is a more balanced flagship. Whether it’s the 6.7-inch AMOLED screen or the powerful rear 3-shot camera, hasso’s image system can bring you rich details and excellent color performance.Support full link game frame stabilization technology and O-Sync overclocking response, even if the picture quality is fully on, the OnePlus 10Pro also has a stable game picture, high fluency, super fast screen response, let you in the game faster step.Customized X axis vibration motor, 170+ vibration adjustment, for a more immersive game experience.5000mAh large battery +80W quick charge, strong endurance, can be said to have no shortcomings, all aspects of a strong flagship, body texture, workmanship and so on is impeccable, in the case of enough budget, one plus 10Pro is the best choice.