Originally, the lack of affection, human indifference, will become the “general trend”

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01 Someone put forward the idea that “this is the age of love.”People, lack of emotion, lack of love, will finally live into a cold, walking dead.Perhaps, the feelings between people, has reached a “freezing point”.Speaking of feelings, we need to divide them into four categories: family affection, friendship, love and daily communication.For these four feelings, who do you think can bring you warmth?If you feel that family affection can bring you warmth, I believe your family will be particularly happy;If you think friendship can bring you warmth, then you should have a lot of close friends.The same is true for love and everyday communication.It’s just that in this day and age, we all have this feeling that nobody’s relationship is any good.Even if it is affection, also won’t let a person have enchanted.Human beings are supposed to pursue warm emotions after they have abundant material possessions.But why is that warmth gone now?All theories are just idealized states.Life, on the other hand, is a play without logic.There are a lot of things, not as easy as we think.Some psychologists believe that human beings have evolved from the pursuit of material things to the pursuit of spirit.However, human’s desire is infinite, which causes them to be dissatisfied with the material, and completely ignore the spirit.To put it bluntly, some people think they earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, which is a kind of happiness.However, when he achieved his goal of earning more than 10,000 yuan a month, he still felt his life was not very happy.Behind a series of unhappiness, there is something missing in his spirit.In other words, they throw away their emotions and get sucked into a cycle of “stuff.”There is a question on Zhihu: why do people still feel unhappy in today’s society with great material abundance?It is because material development is so fast that it leads to the loss of humanity and emotion.I have ever seen such a middle-aged man. After owning a house and a car in a big city, he still thinks that life is worthless and the world is unworthy, and even feels that his family is not warm at all.Or Schopenhauer said well, people’s desire is like a pendulum, desire satisfied, will feel bored.And when the desire is not satisfied, it will feel pain.That is to say, the boredom and pain of human beings will only go on forever, and nothing will change on that day, even if he becomes the richest person in the world and becomes the owner of all material things.This is human nature.Returning to the point of “lack of affection”, why the affection has become indifferent and less human?In a word, material changes human nature.Take the countryside as an example, in the past, the rural people are particularly simple, every family are sincere to each other, rarely do what small moves, also rarely appear shady good situation.But what about rural people today?As soon as they meet someone they know, they compare who built a house with who bought a car. Nine out of ten sentences have something to do with money.When the word “money” became mainstream, the emotion was out of the question.No one can change the fact that brothers are wise and wise.The relationship between parents and children will be severed for some benefit, which is a kind of family tragedy.If people who are related by blood fight with each other, how can they be non-related?We might as well think about the current “husband and wife relationship”, which is related to both family love and love, belonging to a relatively complex emotion.However, it is becoming more and more “direct”, that is, “material” oriented.Husband and wife are the same birds in the forest, disaster looming their own flight.This speech, from the folk saying has become the current normal.A true brother in wine and money never saw a man in trouble.This remark, from ordinary people’s jokes, has become an immutable reality.Perhaps, the lack of modern feelings, has become an irreversible trend.Speaking of this, we might as well consider a question, in the end what way can change the situation of indifference and lack of affection?To be honest, it’s hard to change.Because once an idea is formed, it can’t be changed even for a decade or two.We ask the current generation of 70, what is true love?Trust them to tell you not to test humanity with your heart.Let’s ask the post-80s generation, what is family affection?I believe they will be particularly disdainful, will think that there is no true feelings in the world.Let’s ask the post-90s generation, what is love?Believe that they will only despise, that this world has no true love.Between people, after all, there are huge emotional contradictions and estrangement.This kind of emotional contradiction and estrangement comes from the comparison of “material”, and also from the distortion of “material” to human nature.Just think, when everyone is for the “material”, then who will live for the truth?Let’s take an extreme example.An old man was lying in bed, unable to move at all, while his sons and daughters were kicking each other and even passing the buck to each other.In the end, it is still parents who suffer.But you ask these sons and daughters, why don’t they take care of their parents?I believe they will say, thankless, far fragrant, near smelly, will become a reality.Very sad.Humans have known the consequences of “emotional loss” for a long time, but they cannot change it.This is the misfortune of contemporary people.There are deer in Shu Mountain