Hunan | Changsha train service section from the fourth day to open 8 outbound passenger trains

2022-05-24 0 By

The original title:Starting from the fourth day of the first lunar month, in order to meet the demand of returning passengers after the Holiday, eight more outbound outbound trains to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Loudi will be set up in Yueyang, Changde and Yiyang stations of Changsha service Section.The “Hulk” emU will start from Changde station on some post-Holiday dates (see below for specific dates and times).Changsha train service section staff said, in addition to the above 8 initial passenger, the subsequent passenger departure will be adjusted at any time according to the passenger flow situation, please timely pay attention to 12306 website and station announcement, to understand the latest train information.In order to ensure the smooth operation of Linke, Changsha vehicle service section made work plans and emergency plans in advance, luaodao River, Changsha East and other stations, which store the bus bottom, strengthened the anti-slip inspection and key patrol of the bus bottom, to ensure that the equipment is in good condition before linke online;The relevant passenger station shall arrange key items in advance according to the passenger flow situation 40 minutes before the arrival of each passenger train, and the staff shall arrive at the post in advance according to the train notice;Waiting in accordance with the “partition, preview in advance, partial set limit to, river closure section, double drive door, queuing for buses, defense and” the principle of organization into a railway station or on board a train passengers, timely dredging passenger station on channel, such as Bridges, tunnels, the elevator key parts create positions, a person the point guard, and three cigarettes during large passenger flow organization take emergency team,Jointly maintain passenger boarding order.From February 4th to 25th, Changsha Bus service section will depart from Yueyang Station, K6501: From February 4th to February 25th, Yueyang to Guangzhou, leaving at 19:57;K6611: February 4-14, 16-25, Yueyang to Shenzhen, leaving at 21:29;K6613: February 5-14, 16-18, Yueyang to Guangzhou, leaving at 13:08;K6617: February 4-14, 16, Yueyang to Guangzhou, leaving at 14:40;K6587: February 7, 10, 13, Changde to Guangzhou east, 17:18;K6507: February 6th to 10th, changde to Loudi, 12:57;D9771: February 5-6, 8-9, 11-12, 14, 16-17, Changde-Guangzhou east, 19:22;Yiyang station departure: K6589: February 5-14, 16-18, Yiyang to Guangzhou east, leaving at 14:15.