“Motorcycle friends” hit the popular scenic spot knife back beam turned off the road police search and rescue overnight

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Hualong news, recently, a man riding a motorcycle, ready to be located in Chongqing Shizhu county popular scenic spot knife back beam “punch”.As a result, he took the wrong road and was stranded in another deep mountain on a rainy night.Fortunately, local police search and rescue overnight, the man took to safety.”110?What a rush!I got lost on my motorcycle, and now I can’t find my way out, and my bike is stuck in the mud…”On the night of April 4, the Mawu police station of Shizhu County Public Security Bureau in Chongqing municipality received a report from a man who claimed to be a motorcycle rider surnamed Zhong.On the same day, chung was traveling alone on a motorcycle, passing through Shizhu County and planning to visit daobiliang, a popular tourist spot.He had followed the guide all the way to a country road.However, the rural road had been deserted for some time, and the motorbike had gone further and further along it, getting stuck in the mud.Zhong busied himself in the mountain for a long time, but he could not find anyone to help him push the cart.Seeing the evening, the heavy rain came, and they do not know the direction, Zhong can only call the police for help.▲ Police help Zhong push the cart.After receiving the alarm, the police immediately added zhong’s wechat, and learned zhong’s approximate location through wechat positioning, and drove to the scene.However, when the police moved according to the positioning, a severed road blocked the way.In desperation, the police quickly turned back, re-planning the route.What is more worrying is that the police suddenly found that Zhong’s phone and wechat could not be contacted.Pressed for time, the police immediately notified colleagues on duty in the police station to retrieve the relevant public video.Before long, the police learned through public video that Zhong drove into a village road next to the Longtan River on a motorcycle.”We quickly drove to the village road beside the Longtan River.However, rainy road slippery, the police car stuck in the mire of the village road, is also in a dilemma.”The police quickly get off, walk forward looking for Zhong mou.Fortunately, after about one and a half hours of search, the police successfully found zhong.At that time, Chung was leaning on his motorcycle, slumped on the ground.Eventually, the police and Zhong together will be the motorcycle out of the mud, and contact police station colleagues to send a police car to tow away zhong’s motorcycle and trapped in the mire of the police car.”Thank you, thank you so much!Big night, toss you a few hours…”When the police returned to the police station, Zhong repeatedly expressed his gratitude.Source: Hualong