Suqian wheel cake: crisp and sweet nostalgia

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Wheel cake is a traditional food favored by suqian people. It is said that emperor Qianlong had eaten it when he visited Suqian in the South of the Yangtze River, and it is highly praised.Wheel cake is the characteristic food of Suqian area, the main raw material is flour, white sugar, green red silk, pork suet, rock sugar and so on.This kind of cake tastes crispy and sweet.People who have eaten wheelies often say they have never seen a more delicious snack, crisp and fragrant.About the history of suqian wheel cake, there are many legends, we might as well listen to the reality of the wheel cake story.From The Buzi town of Sucheng District to the south of xinjiekou, about 200 meters long street, there are more than 10 shops with wheel cake signboards, such as Liu Jia wheel cake, Meng Jia wheel cake, CAI Jia wheel cake, Zhao jia wheel cake, etc., the street has become a “wheel cake street”.Wang Bangyun, the owner of Wang Jia Wheel Cake shop, is over 60 years old this year. His great-grandfather was a cook. He is very famous in nancai, Luowei and Longhe areas adjacent to Buzi Town.One winter, a squire in southern CAI township came to his great-grandfather to hold a feast for his grandson.The great-grandfather, along with his grandfather and his father and three uncles, arrived at the house two days early to begin preparations.Uncle Four was 17 or 18 years old at that time. He was not careful. The sea cucumber he was in charge of processing was cooked too badly and could not hold his chopsticks.The next day is the banquet, missing a dish how to do?A few people get into trouble for this, I do not know what to do.After a pack of cigarettes, Wang bangyun’s father offered to pack the sea cucumber and eat it.The problem is easily solved by an open mind.Prevent sea cucumber bitter taste, add rock sugar;Sea cucumber color black is not good, add green red silk.So, grandparents and grandchildren with oil and pastry, sea cucumber knife……After half a night of busy, used for 30 tables 300 pieces of “fried sea cucumber cake” is ready.Wang Bangyun’s great-grandfather cooked the fried wheel cake.As the guests ate the crispy, sweet and indescribable food, they whispered and talked.Some people who knew his great-grandfather well asked him, but the old man smiled and asked if it was delicious.The answer was in two words: delicious.At the end of the day, the squire put his question to his great-grandfather: “Chef Wang, what was the name of that round fried thing?Where are my sea cucumbers?”Great-grandfather told the family exactly what had happened.The squire said: “Good, good, good, chef Wang really has you, worthy of being a famous chef in this area.”Great-grandfather lost no time in asking the squire to name it.The squire thought a little and said, “It’s round and like a wheel. Call it a wheel cake!”Wang bangyun’s great-grandfather was very strict with his father.His father, Wang Zhenyang, nicknamed “Wang Sandao”, would have been about 120 years old if he had not died.Wang Bangyun said that the wheel cake for the development of pork fat filling, is in the later practice of continuous improvement and become, and now sesame seed filling, nut filling, bean paste filling and so on more than a dozen varieties, are loved by diners.On the Chinese New Year’s table, local families are indispensable wheel cakes.Wang Bangyun used to work in The Big grain Control Bureau of Guiren Town, Sihong County. After restructuring, he went through retirement procedures and picked up the craft of making wheel cakes handed down from his father many years ago.Baidu search wheel cake, you can see: Wheel cake is one of the traditional han people in Suqian, Jiangsu Province, the main raw materials are flour, white sugar, green silk, pork suet, rock sugar, etc.Rich in sucheng District, port town, Taoyuan (now Siyang) county Yanghe (2004 assigned to Sucheng District, is now yanghe New Area) and other towns.It is said that the craft of yanghe wheel cake was passed down from the port, because Wang Bangyun’s grandfather and his grandmother knew each other before his parents got married.When two families marry, it makes sense to exchange what they have.As the saying goes, whether the steamed stuffed bun is good or not is not on the pleat, whether the wheel cake is good or not is not on the filling.The wheel cake is the key.’It takes a bit of gumption and a bit of spirituality to make different cakes with different fillings,’ Mr. Wang said.In fact, after a long time of evolution, the buzi town street wheel cake taste good, each has its own formula.Now, suqian area production wheel cake workshop many, as to why the perennial demand for wang’s wheel cake, Wang Bangyun said, his recipe secret.(Reporter Xu Qichong correspondent Zhao Anzhi)