Dingding and Ruyi predicted

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Moscow zoo two giant pandas “predict” Olympic winner, China and Russia among the Beijing Olympics, ria novosti 3 to “Moscow zoo’s panda predict the winner for the Beijing Olympic Games” title according to the report, mayor of Moscow’s official website released on the same day, Moscow from China giant pandas in the zoo “tintin” and “satisfied” prediction,Russia, China, Germany and the United States will lead the final medal count in Beijing.Ria: Moscow zoo’s panda to predict the Beijing Olympic Games the winner according to the report, the mayor of Moscow’s official website was quoted as saying Moscow zoo director maxwell Portland, koro Eva’s words, “on the eve of Olympic opening, we decided to ask our pandas’ satisfied” and “tintin”, which they think will get the best grades “.Each panda was placed with five identical cones decorated with the flags of the countries participating in the Winter Olympics, Nysh reported.To be fair, these cones are hollow, and there are no sweets in them.In front of Tintin were cones decorated with the flags of China, Sweden, the Netherlands, Russia and Austria, while Ruyi had cones decorated with the flags of Norway, Canada, the United States, Switzerland and Germany.The panda was choosing the “winner”, according to the website of the Mayor of Tasshmosco. Tintin initially showed no interest in the cones, circling and then landing in front of them.Then Tintin thought for a moment, grabbed the cone with the Russian flag and cradled it in his arms.It then approached the cone with the Chinese flag and jumped, knocking it to the ground.The pandas were choosing “winners,” TASS reported, and Ruyi did the job “more responsibly” — sniffing each cone before picking the most likely winner, Germany.”Then Ruyi needs a little time to think.He swaggered around the nest and was soon back at the cone with the American flag.So, as far as the pandas in Moscow Zoo are concerned, the leaders in overall scoring at the Winter Olympics will be Russia, China, Germany and the United States.”During the Winter Olympics, the Moscow Zoo also plans to ask pandas to predict winners in specific events, according to the official website of the Moscow mayor.Ruyi, a male, was born in July 2016 at the Ya ‘an Bifengxia Base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda.Ding Ding, a female, was born in July 2017 at the Shenshuping Base of the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas in Wolong.On February 28, 2019, the China Wildlife Conservation Association and Moscow Zoo signed an agreement on cooperation in giant Panda Conservation and Research.On April 29 of that year, Ruyi and Tintin arrived in Moscow for their 15-year sojourn.Source: Huanqiu/Zhang Jiangping