Henan in the first half of the “eat soil mode” the second half of the “mud rain” risk

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Entering the new week, the weather in Henan will change.In fact, Henan is experiencing a dust pollution process before the arrival of two consecutive cold storms.According to the analysis and forecast by the meteorological and environmental protection departments, Henan will be in “dirt eating” mode in the first half of the week and “mud and rain” mode in the second half.It’s windy and sandy in spring.Dahe Daily · Henan TV reporter learned that on March 13, Mongolia erupted strong sandstorm, bayannur Second High school of the highest concentration as high as 4459 micrograms/cubic meter.In the morning of 14th, that is this morning, the northerly wind is weak, and the dust main body enters Henan, and starts the cycle mode again.By 16:00, the north and west of Henan had serious PM10 pollution, Jiyuan, Sanmenxia, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo “off the charts”, Sanmenxia’s highest concentration of 1020 micrograms/cubic meter (data at 3pm).In Zhengzhou, for example, air quality took a turn for the worse in the afternoon, with pollution levels soaring from light to severe, with an AIR quality index of 500 “off the charts”.It was not until 9 p.m. that the air pollution level fell to severe pollution.The pollution was mainly PM10 (coarse particulate matter).In Zhengzhou, for example, the average concentration of PM10 peaked at 637 micrograms per cubic meter by 4pm.As of 9 PM, the average concentration of PM10 was 387 micrograms per cubic meter.In addition, cities south of the Yellow River will continue to see heavy or above pollution.And due to the influence of fog, some areas are accompanied by PM2.5 pollution.So, in the next few days, will the air quality improve?The forecast of a new round of rain, will effectively clean up the pollutants?According to the forecast, the 15th, Henan west wind level 2 or so, the upwind continues to have dust input, most areas are still PM10 heavy and serious pollution.From 16th to 17th, there was precipitation process in the whole province, and sand and dust settled slowly.But that also means there is a risk of “mud rain”.However, on the whole, air quality is expected to improve significantly in the middle and later part of this week as the province experiences heavy pollution from PM10 and PM2.5 from north to south due to the continued influence of cold air and rainfall.Source: Dahe Daily