Once again performing the beautiful dance, Henan SATELLITE TV “Yuanxiao Magic Tour” will dig deep into the cultural connotation of Chinese festivals

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Year to Lantern Festival lights burning, dragon dance sleepless night.Henan TV’s “Chinese Festival” series “Yuanxiao Magic Journey” will be broadcast on the evening of Feb 14.The Year of the Tiger will be directed by Lu Hongli, the general director of 2021’s Lantern Festival, Qixi Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.”I want the audience to feel the hope of Yuan Zhi, the romance of meeting at night, and the feelings of family and country reflected in the lamp.””Said the director.It is reported that the upgraded version of “Wonderful Tour” will not only display traditional culture, but also pay more attention to the cultural connotation and emotional connotation of Chinese festivals.Luoyang elements are still indispensable in the program, part of the shooting scene in the Sui and Tang Dynasties Luoyang City Jiuzhou Pool, Luoyi ancient city and other scenic spots.Lantern Festival, how little got gongs and drums, lion dance to help celebrate!According to henan SATELLITE TV’s official weibo account, the show will feature “lions from the south and lions from the north” dancing the Lantern Festival.Draw a picture of native land, dance a song north and south look.After the launch of the popular tang Palace Banquet, dance has become a bright line of henan SATELLITE TV’s “Chinese Festivals” series, and Yuanxiao’s Wonderful Journey is no exception.Dressed in exquisite and elegant “heyday dresses”, the dancers performed a flying but not chaotic sleeve dance with excellent dance skills.Selected from the dance drama “Five Stars out of the East”, the dance program will stir the hearts of the audience with beautiful Chinese dance.Fingertips stretch, such as lotus petals bloom layer upon layer;The lotus rose and fell as the dancer rose and fell.”Dream Lotus Fingertip Dance” will bring a slow, beautiful experience of the national style.Chen Jia, the show’s director, revealed the plot: “When you think about it, everything comes into being.A flower a world, a dream to eternity.”Since the Spring Festival of 2021, henan Radio and TELEVISION has been presenting “Chinese Festivals” series frequently.On the 14th day of the first lunar month, when the lanterns come on, the audience will meet romantically in yuanxiao’s Wonderful Journey and explore the unknown surprises together.In addition, jiangsu SATELLITE TV’s Lantern Festival gala will bring together talented singers of all ages, including Yang Hongji, Zhong Zhentao, Xie Keyin and Lai Meiyun, who will sing classic songs and trendy new sounds.And Hunan SATELLITE TV will play “star card” again, Liu Ye, Zhang Xiaofei, Bai Jugang, Dazhang Wei, Xu Ruyun, Jin Jing, Jin Mengjia, and other dozens of guests take turns on the stage.Editor: Tong Weijing Editor in charge: Xuan Jing