Photo of zhao Liying snow field is large, cap of cotton of mink coat is too lovely

2022-05-25 0 By

The snow in the northeast is really beautiful!Zhao Liying posted a photo on the studio platform: Ding!Belong to the small room of the gun, drop Zhao Liying “snow big” wave, shake the snow, and then say goodbye to the winter here!It is reported that Zhao Liying’s new drama Wild Growth has been completed, and the last scenes were filmed in Northeast China.Yingbao this is to remember, after all alone to the northeast is not easy, through the opportunity to work can play a northeast snow!Zhao Liying in the photo is wearing a mink coat, wearing a cotton hat, walk too funny, the pace of this six people do not recognize each other, with this body outfit, is the most beautiful scenery in this snow field ah!Facing the camera to put funny posture, looks good mood ah, wearing big sunglasses is too cute!I hope Yingbao is getting better and better!