Serialized version “Legend of the Condor Heroes” after reading 412: strengthening training

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Peach blossom island for the second match, looking at Ouyang Ke advantage, Guo Jing where understand what rhythm.And yet he stole the show.Ouyang Feng first step forward to help Ouyang Ke resist, Guo Jing is still on its own to 歭.And is huang Yaoshi by Guo Jing’s influence, this fight to rise, otherwise before all said good, point to stop.It seems to be a lot of partiality, but Ouyang is not he grew up with, can not be too biased.He still operates on his own terms.Such words, Guo Jing’s chance or some.Sitting on the ground, Guo Jing resisted the sound of the organ with the strength of quanzhen teaching, while striking bamboo branches against each other to disturb the sound of the organ.Huang Yaoshi, Hong Qigong, Ouyang Feng three people to the rhythm of the art, each other have attack and defense, not only make their own not by others, but also attack each other’s mind, Guo Jing skills far inferior to three people, only defend not attack, unexpectedly well-protected abnormal, although can not find a gap to fight back, but Huang Yaoshi even variable tone, but also can not surrender him.After a while, the sound of the flute grew thinner and thinner, and it was almost impossible to hear.Guo Jing stopped and listened to the flute, but that was the strength of Doctor Huang. The quieter the sound, the more powerful it is. When Guo Jing listened to the sound, the rhythm in his heart became one with the sound of the flute.If for others, at this time has been in despair, can not get away, but Guo Jing trained both hands of the art of mutual fight, the heart has two uses, a know not good, suddenly separate the mind, left hand grabbed a bamboo branch, also “empty, empty, empty” knocked up.Huang yaoshi was surprised and thought to himself, “This man is endowed with extraordinary skills, which should not be underestimated.”Step at the foot of the eight diagrams azimuth, side line side blowing.His hands are just like the two of them fighting against Huang Yaoshi. His strength is doubled immediately. But the master of Taohua Island has a magic power.When Guo Jing listened to the sound of the flute, he felt a chill coming from the flute. He could not help shivering.Dongxiao originally with soft wan Turn good, at this time of the tone but severe extreme, Guo Jing gradually feel cold air assault bone, know not good, quickly distracted miss the hot sky, summer forge iron, holding giant charcoal, the body into the furnace all kinds of bitter hot situation, as expected cold greatly reduced.Pharmacist Huang was secretly surprised to see that his left side was cold while his right side was sweating. When the song turned, it was just like the end of winter and the beginning of summer.Guo Jing just to be distracted to resist, the hands of the rhythm has been disrupted.Huang yaoshi thought to himself, “If this man tries to resist, he can sustain himself for a while, but sometimes he gets cold and sometimes he gets hot, and then he will be seriously ill.”A sound madadayo, scattered into the forest, suddenly quzhong sound rest.Guo Jing knew that he was deliberately tolerant and came forward to thank him, saying: “Thank you for the care of huangdao Lord, disciple feel great virtue.”Huang suddenly thought: “This boy is so young, but he is so pure in martial arts. Does he pretend to be stupid on the face, but he is actually a very clever person?If so, I betrothed my daughter to him.Try him.”Hence slight smile, say: “you very good ah, you still call me yellow island Lord yao?”This sentence clearly is to say that you have won two of the three matches, can be called “father-in-law adult”, which know Guo Jing is very honest, do not understand the implication of puns in other people’s words, only way: “I……I……”But can not go down, eyes looking at Huang Rong for help.The third test questions need not take an examination of, Huang Yaoshi has changed, there will be daughter betrothed to guo Jing meaning.Guo Jing is completely rely on strength to reverse the attitude of huang Yaoshi.Of course, there is luck in strength, the first is ouyang’s failure.He lost because of the unequal distribution of attention above, single-minded in the pursuit of marriage huang Rong, heart is not quiet.All that shows is that when it comes to the actual jousting, the practice is not very serious.When it comes to matters of consequence, he looks weak.Followed by Zhou Botong guo Jing’s luck in the bottom, but not edueduation, play together, practice martial arts, this but before the examination of the strengthening training, so how can play a role?Moreover, guo Jing itself is simple, calm down, not much, not complex.Luck doesn’t just happen. It depends on effort.Ok, continue tomorrow!