The 12-episode mystery drama “Dawn of the River” premieres tonight and is expected to boost ratings with 3 highlights

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Speak of the devil and he will appear.”The Beginning” is over, but the enthusiasm for suspense shows is still there.Ever since the show ended, we’ve been talking about when we’re going to have another big mystery show, so we don’t have to run out of drama.Here it comes, say!On the evening of Jan 27, the 12-episode mystery drama River Zhao Dawn, starring Ma Sichun, Bai Ke, Zhang Yao and Zhang Benyu, will be broadcast online.The same 12 episodes of super short and tight suspense series, the same strong cast, is starting to look forward to it?Next, while the play has not yet started, xiaobian with you a brief talk about the play, taste fresh!1: Story “This is a story of me passing through the dark”.This is a text on the poster of the character who previewed the film.This passage also sums up the main story line of the show.A woman, her life encountered darkness, her marriage life encountered difficulties, she struggled to find light in the darkness, looking forward to the arrival of the dawn.Rainy night, riverside!A case leads to the mystery of who she is, who hurt her, and why she’s here.”Who is not hiding things in his heart” “Not only me, you will not escape” the beating light and shadow, gloomy atmosphere, indicates that a sad and dark story is about to unfold.Li Xiaonan (Ma Sichun is acted the role of) it is intermediary of a house property, innate optimism is positive, treat life sincere effort, her biggest desire can harvest a stable home namely, get a healthy life.However, every day as we wish, life is full of hardships and setbacks.Her husband betrayed her, and all kinds of pain in life came, torturing Li Xiaonan, choking her breath.It is to sink at this point after all, or brave revolt, walk out of darkness, Li Xiaonan made her choice.To tell you the truth, just look at this story introduction, xiaobian can’t help but a goose bumps.This story reminds me of last year’s high-scoring suspense drama Skyscraper, which is also cut from the perspective of a woman and launched with a murder case. It is very enjoyable to watch in 12 episodes.And the introduction of “River Dawn”, also let me have a sense of painting, I anticipate the drama of this play will be very intense conflict, we get ready.2: Actors “Jiang Zhaoling” directed by Wang Taotao and Niu Chao, the main actors are ma Sichun, Bai Ke, Zhang Yao, Lang Yuenting, Yuan Wenkang, Shi Ke, Zhang Benyu and other 7 powerful actors.This list of actors’ names, we know the weight of this drama, although this lineup is not what old drama bone pile, but also absolutely called the lineup is strong, because they are all real real, acting can stand the test.In this group of actors, xiaobian is particularly looking forward to the play of 4 powerful actors!First, when the protagonist Ma Sichun mentioned Ma Sichun, the first thing that came to people’s mind was her collaboration with Su Youpeng in the Left Ear. In fact, Ma Sichun has developed well in recent years and has many high-quality works.For example, “July and Peace”, “A Rain Cloud in the Wind”, “the first Incense” and so on.After years of practice, Ma Sichun’s acting is more mature than before, and dares to break through.Especially she in “the first incense” in the role of Gewei dragon, sexy and charming, bold breakthrough self, let a person shine at the moment.This time, Ma Sichun plays the leading lady again in The film.From the plot introduction, The role of Li Xiaonan, dramatic conflict, for her performance, there is a lot of space to play.Ma Sichun doesn’t need to prove her acting skills anymore, she just needs successful roles. We’ll see!Second, the supporting role, Zhang Yao zhang Yao, xiaobian always feel that she looks very similar to someone, but always can’t remember who it is.Thought for a long time found, in fact, that is Zhang Yao’s own.Because some of her characters are so groundbreaking that they often confuse me.For example, Xiaowen’s wife in “White Deer Plain”, and Li Xue in “Ideal City”.Put these two characters together, you can hardly imagine them coming from the same actor.Sometimes I thought she was old and haggard, and sometimes I thought she looked like a young actress who had just made her debut and looked pretty.Zhang Yao is a rare Chinese actress, let you will ignore her age actress, acting, appearance level is good, natural for the screen.This time, in the “Dawn of the River”, she plays Yu Hong, not much information, but xiaobian is very looking forward to her play.Third, when the supporting actor Bai Ke mentioned bai Ke, I didn’t have to say that there were only three words “Wang Sledgehammer” in our minds.Yes, The King’s hammer is bai Ke, and Bai Ke is the king’s hammer.”Never expected” has made many actors famous, but Bai Ke is undoubtedly the most popular one, and also the core one.Without him, without his voice, it’s hard to imagine.Now, “never thought of” that group of actors, daily active in the screen is not much, called beast Yi Xiaoxing itself is the director, Liu Xunzi mo also did the director, Kodak, Kong Lianxun, small love, Gebu, these people pick up the play is less than a year, only white and Zhang Benyu is more successful 2.Comedians are likable, but the plays are narrow, and it’s not easy to make the transition, which is why so many people fall silent.Bai Ke’s successful transformation relies on his acting skills and dedication to transformation.Comedy was comfortable, but he took other subjects as he saw fit, and over the years gradually transformed his image and established himself.This time, in “The Dawn of the River”, he played the reporter Wang Cheng, after the transformation of the white guest, it is worth looking forward to!Four, supporting zhang Benyu white guest because “never thought of” red, Zhang Benyu is because “report the boss” fire out of the circle.As mentioned above, Bai Ke successfully transformed, so did Zhang Benyu.Moreover, in terms of acting, Zhang Benyu seems to be more sophisticated and composed.Xiaobian noticed that in these years, no director who had cooperated with him did not exaggerate his product name.Although, he played the role, most of them are supporting, but every supporting role is very eye-catching, it is the treasure of supporting actors.For example, Luo Li in “Ride the Wind”, for example, in “Fast Life”, for example, Ouyang Xiu in “Qingping Music” and so on.Of course, there is also the suspense film “Fame and Fame” released last year, whether it is an emotional drama, inspirational drama, costume drama, suspense film, Zhang Benyu’s performance is super high level.This time, as Song Hu in River Dawn, Zhang benyu is sure to wow audiences again.Before that, the length of domestic TV series was always teased by everyone.In this context, the plot drags water injection, anticlimactic problems will appear.There is no doubt that if the number of episodes in domestic dramas is controlled, there will be many good dramas and great dramas.Now, I believe you have also seen that there are more and more domestic dramas with around 12 episodes. Last year, it was just a platform promotion.Now, every platform is starting to experiment with high-quality suspense shorts.At present, The Beginning is on Tencent platform, so is Gold Rush on IQiyi platform, and now Jiang Zhao Dawn is on Mango TV.Xiaobian admits that there are many problems in domestic suspense dramas, but the current situation is that many domestic dramas are also trying to change and move forward!Therefore, please put aside your prejudice, domestic dramas deserve your support and encouragement!What can we expect from tonight’s show?Welcome to comment!