Yangxin agricultural commercial bank actively carry out “reduce fees to pay for the people” publicity activities

2022-05-25 0 By

The public network, poster journalists Liu Dianzhang Binzhou reports for the implementation of the State Council on reducing small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households pay poundage work deployment, positive response “reduced cost and benefits to pay for the people” of the people’s bank of focused awareness month activity, YangXin agri-businesses Banks continue to make greater efforts to cut rate on propaganda to carry out with practical action to support the development of the real economy.Attach great importance to, strengthen training.In order to ensure the reduction of cost benefit policy can implement, YangXin agri-businesses bank by meeting form the lobby manager, cabinet and other frontline staff to carry out the special training, the preferential projects, preferential object, preferential price and other related content has carried on the detailed study, to ensure that staff in the business of customer consultation, to provide accurate and convenient financial services.We will expand publicity channels in multiple ways.Yangxin Rural Commercial Bank actively publicized preferential policies in a prominent position in the business hall, released charge adjustment announcements on the wechat public account, and expanded the publicity scope by rolling propaganda slogans on the LED screen.The staff actively informed the policy and carried out hall micro salon to publicize the knowledge of the policy to customers so that customers could fully understand the financial knowledge of the policy.Actively visit enterprises, merchants, etc., and further expand the publicity coverage of the policy of reducing fees and transferring profits.In the next step, Yangxin RURAL Commercial Bank will continue to adhere to the “customer-centered”, strictly implement policy deployment at all levels, continue to implement the measures of paying fees and lowering fees to yield profits, and further promote the implementation of various fee reduction policies.